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We Got Our Lines Wrong!

Fashion tip: Never wear horizontal stripes because it would make you look fatter . Instead, wear vertical stripes for they make you appear slimmer.

Babes, we have been conned. Seriously~ cheated! The first person who gave that advice is a downright meanie and for some reason, we listened to it and failed to see that that advice is rubbish!

I read an article online and it states that scientists have been aware of the unflattering properties of vertical stripes for nearly 150 years (and they never bothered to correct us until now)!

Here is an image that was provided from the article:


Horizontal stripes actually makes us look a whole lot more slimmer and curvy at the right areas~

However, it was advised in the article that geometric patterns and organic shapes would work better for fuller figures as it helps to break up the surface area covered and confuse the eye into believing it's smaller. Because, stripes in general are not particularly flattering to the fuller figure.

Marc Jacobs Spring 2010 was sporting horizontal stripes, geometric patterns and vibrant colours~ I'm SUPERDUPERUBER in love with this collection!

Organic Shapes by Late McQueen

So to sum up the things from the article:

  • Wear Horizontal stripes, geometric patterns and organic shapes to appear slim
  • Wear Cross stripes to look taller
  • Black still makes us appear slim