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Just Nuts: Nuts & Dried Fruits Delivered To Your Doorstep [Sponsored Post]

For the last collaboration in 2020, I bring you Just Nuts! Just nuts is a company which provides a variety of sweet and savoury low calorie treats at an affordable price, you can check out more
information from Best in Singapore’s Best 7 Nuts & Snacks in Singapore. 

But in summary, Just Nuts Singapore is an online nut and snacks retailer that offers guilt-free, 100% natural, hand-picked, as well as pesticide-free nuts and snacks. I like that they only source from trusted farms that practice sustainability and are ethical. 
So to kick things off, allow me to share my experience using their service!


For this review, I didn't go through with the ordering & delivery process from the website. However, taking a look at their website, is it easy to navigate and you will have to input your personal details when you checkout as with all online order!

They offer 2 types of delivery service:
Standard Delivery (1~3 Days) for $4.90
Express Delivery (60-Min) for $9.90
But if you spend $60 & above, you get your purchase delivered to your doorstep within 2 hours for free!


Price: $8.50 – $58.50

Pine nuts are the seeds of pine trees. Completely edible and crunchy, they contain many plant-derived nutrients and a fair content of monosaturated fatty acids which can aid cholesterol level reduction in our blood.

I got these to add into my salads and I like to add them to my bowl of burrata with balsamic vinegar.

Price: $4.50 – $32.90

Ripened seeds of pistachio trees, pistachio kernels are green and are slightly sweet to taste. Containing high levels of unsaturated fatty acids and potassium, pistachios can provide the perfect crunch to any diet. Pistachios can lower your chance of cardiovascular disease. 

I like the taste of their Pistachios with it being roasted, and yes, this makes a great snack!

Price: $3.50 – $26.00 

One of the more popular nuts to snack on, walnuts are beneficial for the brain and can help reduce cholesterol levels. They contain many vitamins and minerals, and higher amounts of antioxidants than most other foods.

I blended some walnuts and added  them to my cookies for that extra crunch with the benefits of the vitamins, minerals & antioxidants found in them!


Price: $4.50 – $34.50

Not only a healthier alternative for sugar cravings, but these sweet and tart dried blueberries are also filled with vitamin C and antioxidants which makes them an ideal guilt-free snack. 

Aside from enjoying these on its own and in my bowl of morning cereals, I added them into my cookie mix! 

Price: $3.90 – $32.90 

Although longans are known to be ‘heaty’ fruits, this tropical fruit is also known to help decrease feelings of fatigue and gives you more energy! 

I ate these on its own as snacks and also used them in making chinese dessert soups and longan tea!

To get these nuts and fruits, head to Just Nuts website and make your purchase today!

Best in Singapore

This Just Nuts post is a collaboration with Liquid Gateway, a payment service solution provider that provides a comprehensive range of centralized and secure in-store transaction management services.

This review is sponsored, but reviews are based solely on user's experience and are in not way influenced by any other factors.

Maison 21G: Create The Scent of Your Soul [Sponsored Review]

This Christmas, Maison 21G came crashing through the snow at a timely manner, introducing me to a home of scents and an experience of mixing my own perfume.

Maison 21G is a unique brand revolutionizing personalization in haute perfumery. Armed with a wealth of knowledge from her 20 years in perfumery, founder Johanna Monange has been working with various fragrance powerhouses as a scent designer and a creative director for world famous brands.

1. Masion = Home in French
Welcoming you to their home of comfort to be completely yourself,  in search of finding a scent that is personalized to you.

2. Our soul weighs exactly 21 grams
Maison 21 G's purpose is therefore to encapsulate the scent of your soul in a 21 grams bottle of perfume. Additionally, Maison 21G offers 21% of perfume concentrate – the highest in the industry. Because for something as personal as scent, you only want the best.

3. Together, it's  a home of scent and a journey to find the scent of your soul
With 34 scents, made from a blend of essential oils, to choose from, you are bound to find something that resonate with you. 


Do you miss a discontinued perfume scent? Or are you looking for a perfume that is uniquely you? 
Maison 21 G offers you the ability to create a scent inspired by a discontinued perfume and even create a perfume based on your personality.

2. Great gift for friends and family

I find perfume and scent preference as something very personal, so instead of buying a perfume for your loved ones, why not get them a session of Maison 21G's perfume workshop in Singapore as the gift instead!

3. Safe ingredients with long-lasting scent

All their perfumes contain 21% perfume concentrate and are cruelty-free, without preservatives, GMOs, CMR substances or phthalates. All scents are composed with the highest quality of natural ingredients from the Monique Remy laboratories (LMR) in Grasse, and are traceable by origin. Since its creation in 1983 by Monique Remy, IFF-LMR has never ceased to source the purest natural ingredients responsibly. LMR’s uniqueness lies in its vertical integration allowing to control each step of the vegetal supply chain: quality, cost and relationships with their partners, ensuring a perfect traceability.


To be able to customize my own perfume, I headed down to Maison 21G's flagship store at 77 Duxton Road to meet up with Amanda (aka Scent Designer) and the following stages are what took place during my session with her!

Stage 1: Quiz
Before we jumped into the type of scents, Amanda got me to do a short quiz to learn more about my personality. Based on machine learning, their AI-powered app guides you in your creation to mix the right ingredients according to your personality, occasion and taste. The result that came back shared that I'm a social enthusiast and I prefer scents that are comforting and fresh, which is really interesting considering the line of work I do in Non-profit!

Stage 2: Introduction to the scents from my Quiz result
Aside from my quiz results, Amanda asked me what perfume am I currently using before introducing me to the range of Top, Heart & Bottom notes scents for me to choose from.

So the best way to explain what these types of notes are, Amanda explained that:

Top Note is like your smile
The first impression and the scent last for an hour.

Heart Note is like your character
The body and the scent last between 6-8 hours.

Bottom Note is like your soul
The lasting impression and the scent last for 18-24 hours.

Stage 3: Choosing of scents

The next stage was really simple, Amanda explained that when it comes to choosing the different types of notes' scents, it should be an immediate "Yes or No" response.

The top note scent I chose is Orange Blossom, followed by Cedar as my heart note and ending off with Incense as my bottom note. For me, the result is a fresh, woody scent.

Stage 4: Mixing of scents
Here comes the part where I got to mix the 3 chosen scents into a bottle, the perfume is alcohol based and the scents are a blend of essential oils that are dripped into the bottle based on weight. Each bottle of perfume will contain 5g of essential oil blends.

I was told to dripped in 2g of Orange Blossom, 1g of Cedar, 1g of Incense and leave the remaining 1g as an allowance for us to tweak the scent, if necessary, after the first smell test!

Stage 5: Testing of scent 
After dripping in the blend, Amanda spritz the perfume onto my wrist and got me out of the store to have a better whiff of the mixed scent to determine if I am pleased with it. No secret here, I wasn't because overall scent was too sweet.

Stage 6: Tweaking of scent
So we got back to the mixing station and Amanda suggested to add in 0.9g of Orange Blossom and 0.1g of Cedar to tone down the sweetness that stems from Immortal Incense's scent.

Stage 7: Final testing of scent
With that tweak, it was time to step outside again to test the perfume out. I found it really interesting how a few grams of scents can alter the finished product. It's like adding that final touch of salt or a dash of herbs to a dish to bring out the flavors.

But I'm satisfied with the perfume now with more Orange Blossom added to it!

Final Stage: Printing of label
Now, it was time to print my name on the bottle with the 3 different scents on it!

To achieve it, Amanda types away on the laptop and the printing is done in-house. It took a few minutes but once done, the finished bottle looks chic and classy.


With 34 scents available, I understand why this experience included the Quiz as the first step taken to shortlist the scent. It would affect your judgement if we were to sniff through 34 scents to identify which we like. And I learnt something new from Amanda: smell the back of your hand/ skin to restart your smell sense. I never knew that, I always thought smelling coffee beans was the way to achieve that!

Personally, I appreciate that all their scents are eaux de parfum with 21% perfume concentrate as this means that you get a more lasting scent. 1 spritz of the perfume in the morning will last you for most parts of the day. To put that theory to test, I spritz my perfume onto my skin and went about my day at work. The scent went through it's different top, heart and bottom notes through out the day. No surprise, but the scent lasted until I took a shower in the late evening. Actually, even the notebook I used during the session with Amanda brought back the scents in the store and I can smell it now as I type away while referring to my notes!

Additionally, their perfume are cruelty-free, and made without preservatives, GMOs, CMR substances or phthalates, perfect for those with sensitive skin. I thought that was a plus as my skin do "burn" with the use of some perfumes. With Maison 21G perfumes, beside the wet cooling sensation of liquid hitting my skin when I spritz, there isn't any negative reaction to my skin.

 Lastly, the part that sold me was that their packaging is re-usable and they allow you to come back for refills once you finish your bottle! I was told that when you bring your bottle back, they will help you wash it and disinfect it with alcohol before refilling it with either your current mix or a new blend of scent.

Prices: $95 for 2 scents; $120 for 3 scents, $140 for 4 scents, and $150 & above for Black collection scents
My Readers' Perk

Quote M21Gjodulu15 for a15% discount code for all Maison 21G online products!

Besides customized perfumes, Maison 21G offers a range of scented products like solid perfumes, candles, home scents, and hand sanitizers so do feel free to check them out at

This review is sponsored, but reviews are based solely on user's experience and are in not way influenced by any other factors.

Get Steamy with Steamboat Delivery Singapore at the comfort of your own home [Sponsored Review]

These days, with the constant raining, nothing beats having steamboat in the comfort of your own home. So when Best In Singapore reached out to me to review Singapore's leading complete steamboat experience, Steamboat Delivery Singapore, I welcomed the opportunity with open arms! Hah!


For this review, I was given a coupon for their Steamboat King Bundle B (3-4pax) and this allowed me to test out the ordering process. The website is easy to navigate and you will have to input in your personal details for the delivery process. 


I choose the time slot for 5.45pm - 6.45pm and our food came at 6.30pm. I like that everything was packed neatly in containers and bags, making it was easy to set up our dinner.

For this review, I ordered their Steamboat King Bundle B (3-4pax).
Continue reading for my food review!

Steamboat King Bundle B (3-4pax)

Soup Base Choice: Premium Collagen Soup  & Sichuan Mala Soup (1.5 litre each)

Soups came in convenient pouches for easy use and storage. I appreciate that they provided wolfberries and dates for the collagen soup, it does make a difference to the soup! 

My hubby shared that while collagen soup was lighter and less viscous than other collagen soups we've had before, the flavor was pretty good. I personally would have preferred it to be more on the gelatinous side. 

The mala soup came in a different packaging, and had a slight kick to it, it wasn't too numbing and the spiciness level is ok.

Fresh White Fish Slices (200 grams)
Chicken Shabu (200 grams)
Pork Belly Shabu (200 grams)
Pork Collar Shabu (200 grams)
Chicken Sausage (200 grams)
Superior Fish Paste (150 grams)
Egg Tofu (100 grams)
Add on: Pork Collar 200g

Thoughts: The meats were nicely packed and were quite fresh. The pork belly were of a nice thick cut, the pork collar were firm. 
However, the fish paste wasn't as impressive though, we found it too soft and mushy. It would have been better if it had more of a springy texture and a firmer mouthfeel. It was lacking in flavor and was rather salty too.

A nice addition were the egg tofu and chicken sausages. Not much to say about these but it was a welcoming sight as it reminded me of the steamboats I had when I was a child.

Overall, my hubby and I were quite satisfied with the protein selection.

Vegetables & Fruit:
Enoki Mushroom (100 grams)
Fried Beancurd Skin Roll (8 pieces)
Chinese Long Cabbage (200 grams)
Shanghai Green (200 grams)
Watermelon (4 pax)

I love that the vegetable portions were huge and generous, and they came as fresh as they could as well! The usual fried beancurd skin rolls are always a joy to see!

And we appreciate that the watermelons came sliced and ready to consume after the steamboat meal. Perfect way to cool down the body and end the meal!

Home-made Sambal Chilli Sauce (60ml x 2)
Thai Chilli sauce (60ml x 2)
Goma shoyu sauce (60ml x 2)

The condiments were a nice accompaniment to the meats, and they come free with every Steamboat bundle!

The goma shoyu was the best in my opinion, it went well with the meat. 

And because Singaporeans love our chili, thai sweet chili and the home made sambal chili were provided too! The sambal paired the fish well.

2 sets of Portable Hotpot Stove Set (14cm) & fuel
2 sets of extra Fuel

These are the pots that were included in our package. They have the gel fuel in a small metal container wrapped nicely in aluminum foil for you to start, and another small plastic container for topping up later on. 

I like how fuss free the set up really is, all you need is to remove the aluminum and light it up!

However, if you want to set it up quicker, I would suggest boiling up the soup on your stove to get it to a rolling boil and add in your first round of ingredients, before putting it on the portable stove with the fuel to enjoy slowly. It shortens the waiting time and makes the fuel stretch its use.


The packaging of the products were convenient and well arranged. The portions of this bundle are more than enough to feed 3 to 4 people. The produce were fresh, and the selections were enjoyable. The flavor of the soup bases we selected were a bit lacking, but enjoyable still and as with all steamboat, as you add more ingredients, the flavor develops. I like that the bundle came with rice, noodles and a 1.5L bottle of drink.

Will I re-order: Yes, I think this bundle will work nicely for a gathering at my house because it really is fuss-free and if you do not have the proper equipment for steamboat at home, they provide them too. Even if there are leftovers, it's easy to cook them for meals the next day.

I had leftover collagen soup, so I made steamed egg and stir fry the leftover vegetables and meat for lunch and dinner the next day.

If you would like to try this bundle and their selections out, you may do so online at:
Steamboat Delivery Singapore 

Check out Best In Singapore's article about the 8 Best steamboat delivery in Singapore!

For more best offerings in Singapore to discover, do follow Best in Singapore for their recommendations:

Food Styling Photo

This review is sponsored, but reviews are based solely on user's experience and are in not way influenced by any other factors.

Losing weight with BNR17 Diet Probiotics BNRThin PRO [Sponsored Review]

2 months back, I was selected to be one of Ksisters Consumer tester for their BNR17 Diet Probiotics BNRThin PRO.

The product that takes Lactobacillus gasseri BNR17®, the first lactobacillus that is recognised for its body fat reducing functionality from the Korean Ministry of Food and Drug as the main ingredient. Its duo functions, reduce body fat + improve intestinal health have been highly raved by the consumers in Korea. 

BNR17 was particularly unique with its probiotic strain originally isolated from human breast milk. After almost 20 years of research and refining the strain, the research labs (Bioneer and AceBiome) managed to create Korea's first very probiotics that not only helps in gut health but also reduces body fat. Its mechanism for reducing visceral fat was confirmed through various animal tests and proven. Unlike other supplements in the market, the BNR17 Diet Probiotics Bnrthin PRO has LIVE and FRESH cultures in its capsules.

  • A Duo function of improving intestinal health and helping in fat reduction.
  • Approved by the Korean Food and Drug Administration to help reduce body fat, inhibit lactic acid, prevent harmful bacteria growth and smoothen bowel movements.
  • Guaranteed 10 billion bacteria per capsule until the end of shelf life.
  • Finished products are imported directly from UAS Labs in USA.
  • New biotics formula promotes the activity of beneficial bacteria in the intestine (Probiotics + Prebiotics = Neobiotics)
  • Patented probiotics in more than 10 countries including South Korea, USA, UK, Germany, Denmark, China, Japan etc.
  • Two-step safe delivery service to ensure its best condition!

With the consumption of BNR17 Diet Probiotics, they help to:
  1. PROHIBIT carbohydrate absorption into your body
  2. Excess carbohydrate is absorbed into the body excretion system ➜ Discharged out of your body
  3. With BNR17 Diet Probiotics playing the role of discharging carbohydrate absorption ➜ GAIN LESSER WEIGHT!!
  1. Take one capsule per day with cold water consistently for a month (Recommended to take for 3 months or longer for best results).
  2. It is recommended NOT TO take it with hot water or acidic beverage.
  3. Remember to tightly close the lid after usage!
It is recommended for individuals to set a certain time (e.g. before bed, after meals, etc.) for steady consumption of the probiotics. For instance, if you consume before bed on day 1 of intake, please do so consistently for the 1 month full cycle. 

In case of underlying disease, allergies reaction or taking other medicine, please consult a specialist before consumption or purchase. Store in refrigerator (0~10°C). If unopened, product can be stored at room temperature for up to 2 days.

So from late Aug to late Sept, all of the consumer testers had to monitor our weight, body fat & measurements whilst consuming a pill of the BNR17 Diet Probiotics BNRThin Pro daily at a regular timing.

My time was at 12pm because that's during my lunch time and it was a time that would fit in my schedule.

I joined this test because I used to be underweight all my life until age and bliss (plus laziness) caught up on me. I went from 52kg to 69kg within 5 years and from a size 6 to 12, and despite my attempts to exercise, I found it had to reduce my weight lower.

Weight Loss

Over the span of 30 days, I followed a series of workout that total 30mins from Youtube, 3 times a week and continued to eat as per normal along with the consumption of the pills.

Personally, I didn't find the pills useful in aiding much in weight reduction and as you can see from my weigh in, the weight fluctuates. The final weigh-in was significantly more because I changes my workout routine to daily instead. The workouts I did for the last week varied from 5 minutes to 30 minutes on different days.

Toning Up
Day 1 
Day 1 Measurements
Waist: 82 cm
Hips : 97.5 cm
Thighs: 56 cm
Day 7

Day 14
I attribute my weight gain to genetics as well, because my grandma, mum & female cousins all put on weight after a certain age and fats are stored mainly in our lower half.

It didn't help that I sit at the desk for most part of the day and I have a condition with my ankle that got doctor advising me not to run and walk for long distance.
Day 21
Day 7 Measurements
Waist: 81cm
Hips : 97 cm
Thighs: 55.5 cm

The first week of exercising was tough, everything was a struggle and every part hurts after workout! 

Here's my workout list for the week:
  1. Click here
  2. Click here
  3. Click here
Day 30
Day 14 Measurements
Waist: 80 cm
Hips : 96.5 cm
Thighs: 54 cm

It was easier to workout now, there are days when I had to work in the office and took my pills in the morning before I left house because I didn't know how else to bring the pills out without something to keep it cool. 

Here's my workout list for the week:
  1. Click here
  2. Click here
  3. Click here
  4. Click here
Day 21 Measurements
Waist: 80 cm
Hips : 96.5 cm
Thighs: 53.5 cm

To test out whether the pills are truly helping me to shed my fats, I didn't workout this week. And as the results show, my measurements were mostly stagnant.

Day 30 Measurements
Waist: 79 cm
Hips : 93 cm
Thighs: 52 cm

It was the final week, I went all out to workout and it translated in my measurements.

Here's my workout list for the week:
  1. Click here
  2. Click here
  3. Click here

As I shared in my instastories, these pills are great for reducing bloatedness and constipation but I'm on the fence about its weight loss effectiveness. Taking in the fact that the recommended dose for weight loss is 3 months, maybe I need more than just a month for my case. A bottle retails at $115 from, so it's better to get them during their sale period.

A month after I've ended my dose, my weight is now back to 70kg and my measurements for my waist is at 80 cm & my hips at 96 cm. I've cut down my workouts to twice a week but I still keep them at 30mins per workout session.

Ultimately, I still think working out plays a bigger part in my weight loss journey, but maybe consuming these pills did help to promote the "breakdown" of body fat. If you do give this pill a shot, do reach out to me to share with me your experience!

This review is sponsored, but reviews are based solely on user's experience and are in not way influenced by any other factors.

Pizza Delivery x Best in Singapore: Handmade Pizza At Your Doorstep

For the past 2 weeks, I've been busy moving into my new home. I've never felt as tired as I am now after all the packing, moving, cleaning and unpacking! So when Best In Singapore reached out to me again for a food collaboration, it was greatly appreciated. To make it even sweeter, this collaboration is with Pizza Delivery Singapore which meant that I could stay home and conserve my energy for unpacking and cleaning!

Pizza Delivery Singapore provides customers with artisan-style pizzas and pasta made on-demand, all ready in minutes and delivered to your doorstep all under 1 hour with just a click away. Their chefs are committed to personally selecting the finest ingredients every week – assuring customers a mouthful of only the freshest pizzas and pasta.


For this review, I was given a coupon to select the food that I want and this allowed me to test out the ordering process. The website is easy to navigate and you will have to input in your personal details for the delivery process.


I made my order in the evening after a day of cleaning and unpacking, and selected the next available time of 7.45pm - 8.45pm as my preferred delivery time slot. 

At 8.59pm, I received a call from the delivery man and he said that he was lost and couldn't find my block. So I had to google to see where he was at (because I'm new to my address too) and gave him directions over to my doorstep, and it was around 9. 05pm when my food arrived.


For this review, I ordered a range of selection and they were sent to my home in takeaway containers. I appreciate that all of the takeaways came with a time stamp to indicate the time that the food should be consumed within for food safety. Continue reading for my food review!

1. Mozarella Cheese Stick (6 pcs) $14.30

100% Mozzarella sticks battered with golden breadcrumbs and grated Parmesan cheese

Thoughts on this dish: By the time this reached my doorsteps, it wasn't as hot as I would like it to be, so I popped them into my air fryer to re-heat them. The texture isn't as stringy but it's not as heavy as other mozzarella sticks I've tried because it came with a salsa sauce. The tangy sauce helps to cut the heaviness of the cheese.

Will I re-order: Yes!

2. Spaghetti Granchio $32.90

Velvety tomato pasta engulfed in the clean flavour of crab meat, fresh prawns, cherry tomatoes, aromatic white wine and garnished with parsley with a dash of crushed black pepper.

Thoughts on this dish: It came looking different from the image on the website but it's in a good way. The pasta came with a very generous amount of crab meat and prawns, the sauce was a little too heavy in flavor for me but my hubby loves it.

Will I re-order: Yes, but I will need to share it with my hubby.

3. Beef Salami Pizza - Medium (6 slices) $11 with current 50% promo

A classic treat not to be missed! Beef salami in tangy tomato sauce with briny olives, mozzarella cheese topped extra virgin olive oil and fresh basil.

Thoughts on this dish: It wasn't bad but it wasn't fantastic either, to be honest, I'm disappointed with their pizzas. I expected hand-pulled dough, stone oven charred crust, generous amount of tomato sauces and stringy mozzarella cheese but these pizzas weren't it.

Will I re-order: No.

4. Margheritia Pizza - Small (4 slices) $6.95 with current 50% promo

Sink your teeth into the authentic flavors of absolutely fresh tomato sauce, a ton of mozzarella cheese, fresh basil, cherry tomatoes and drizzled with extra-virgin olive oil.

Thoughts on this dish:
I like that they offered pizzas in different sizes because sometimes, I just can't eat that much! I love the juiciness of their fat cherry tomatoes.

Will I re-order: I might if they improve on the quality of their pizza. you can tell that this pizza lacks sufficient tomato sauce too.

5. Mushroom Pizza - Medium (6 slices) $11 with current 50% promo

The perfect mushroom lover’s choice – Button, Shitake and Oyster mushrooms in tangy tomato sauce with briny olives, sun-dried tomatoes, capers, extra virgin olive oil and mozzarella cheese.

Thoughts on this dish: This pizza has the most generous serving of sauce, cheese and toppings. I just found it weird that they also had pickles in it which made it taste weird.

Will I re-order: I don't think I will, the taste of it is too unique for my liking.
6. Mistocarne Pizza - Small (4 slices) $8.45 with current 50% promo

The perfect choice for a true meat lover! Bite into pork pepperoni, beef bolognese and chicken breast all in one pizza, topped with extra virgin olive oil and a ton of mozzarella cheese.

Thoughts on this dish: It tasted ok, but it's not memorable. The meat on it was cooked right, the chicken breast was still tender and not overcooked. I like that all of the pizza came with Parmesan cheese & chili flakes.
Will I re-order: Maybe, in a bigger size.

Overall, I have to admit that I have a higher expectation for their pizzas and it doesn't help that I've eaten really good handmade pizzas (my hubby's a chef). I would be keen to try out the rest of their pasta selection and re-order the mozarella cheese sticks again. If you would like to try these dishes and their selection out, you may do so online at:

Pizza Delivery

For more best offerings in Singapore to discover, do follow Best in Singapore for their recommendations:

Food Styling Photos
Credit to Owari Photography

This review is sponsored, but reviews are based solely on user's experience and are in not way influenced by any other factors.

Origin: Sleeping with Superior Coolmax® Latex Pillow [Sponsored Review]

When it comes to finding the right pillow, I feel like the prince in Cinderella. I know what I like but I can't the one that fit. 

Best in Singapore recently reached out to me again with the opportunity to test out their top rated pillow from Origin mentioned in their 8 Best Comfortable Pillows to Buy in Singapore 2020 article.

Before I go into my review of the pillow, I would like to share that I tend to sleep on my side and back. This is the reason why it has been challenging to find a pillow that would work for me because back sleepers need a flat, thin pillow while side sleepers need a contoured pillow that provides firm support. So I tend to find that my neck isn't supported properly during my sleep, resulting in waking up with migraines and neck aches.


The Origin Superior Coolmax® Latex Pillow offers a responsive Latex foam support and is completed with a removable Tencel fabric pillow cover. Sink into the ultimate plush pillow that cradles your head! Origin offers a 30-Night Trial with money-back guarantee for users to test this pillow out before committing fully.


There's a thin fabric cover that wraps the
latex material, this cover can't be removed.
Unlike memory foam or fibre, latex foam has a denser material, moulding to the shape of your head to give you the right level of sleep support. Extremely durable with hypoallergenic properties, latex material is highly recommended for people with allergies for a good relaxing sleep as it has lesser dust, bacteria or mould issues. Being impression-resistant, it can also hold its shape for many years while still feeling soft.


A unique feature of Origin Superior Coolmax® Latex Pillow is that it comes with a removable pillow cover made with Tencel fabric. Tencel fabric is known for its natural comfort, environmentally responsible production process and being softer as compared to cotton. It is hypoallergenic, lightweight, and extremely ideal for hot weather climates. This cover can be machine washed which helps to extend the pillow’s life in the long run. 


Pillow Dimensions:
65cm x 40cm x 13cm

Material: Natural Latex, Coolmax® Cooling Gel & Removable Tencel Fabric Pillow Cover

Price: Was $159, now at $129

  1. There's a good mix of softness and support, and I like that the pillow is gently rounded and flat. Because I've tried other foam-based pillows with deep contours and it feels weird & uncomfortable around my neck and shoulder area.
  2. Latex material doesn't clump or develop hollow spots, and maintains its shape through night. This is an important point to note because I use pillows made with a blend of feathers & other materials and it can get a little uncomfortable when it clumps up to a corner of the pillow and sometimes, my neck and shoulder don't get the proper support it needs.
  3. This pillow's hypoallergenic properties really did reduce the occurrence of me waking up with nasal stuffiness or congestion! My nose is pretty sensitive to dust and I've realised that in this 7 days of trial, I wake up with lesser congestion. It's not completely gone because my quilt contains feathers.
  4. It's really cooling to lie on the pillow, perfect for Singapore's climate. With the Coolmax® Cooling Gel, this pillow stays cool longer than regular pillow, making it quite refreshing to drift to sleep on.
  5. It comes with a removable Tencel Fabric pillow cover that acts as the pillow's protective cover, making the pillow last longer and give the pillow a slightly softer feel to it.
  6. It's lighter than memory foam pillows and other latex pillows I've come across.
  1. It has a latex odor. It takes awhile to get used to the latex scent.
  2. It doesn't really mould to the shape of  my head, neck & shoulder, there's still a slight resistance of the latex material when I rest my head down on it and doesn't cradle as one would hope.
  3. It can feel a little bouncy to sleep on, but the Tencel Fabric pillow cover does help in reducing the bounciness.
Overall Rating: 7/10
For this review, I slept in 3 different ways:
First night: I laid on my back and woke up the next morning with neck & shoulder aches. I think this pillow is a little too high for me to sleep on my back.

Second, third & forth night: I slept on my right side while hugging to another pillow between my arms and legs. I woke up with improvements to my neck & shoulder aches. So I tried sleeping on my side for 2 more nights and I think this pillow works best for side sleepers because the latex material helps to support the head and neck while relieving the pressure of the body off the shoulder.

Fifth night: I tried to sleep on my stomach but I couldn't stay in this sleeping position for long. I find that the pillow kept my head slanted upwards at an angle that made it uncomfortable. 

Sixth and seventh night: I went back to sleeping on my side without hugging a pillow between my arms and legs. I woke up with a slight ache in my shoulders. So for the seventh night, I went back with the pillow between my arms and legs and it helped to relieve the ache.

So, my conclusion is that Origin Superior Coolmax® Latex Pillow works best for side sleepers once you get over the smell of the latex material, the pillow does feel soft, cooling and nice to sleep on. However, it works better if you sleep on your side with another pillow or a bolster between your legs and arms to help keep your spine in alignment to prevent strain from sleeping on the side. 

I do have an issue with sleeping on this pillow for some nights when I turn in my sleep, and changed to sleeping on my back subconsciously and woke up to neck aches and a slight headache after. 

For improvement, I think this pillow can be a little less firm to allow some space for compression for back and tummy sleepers, and to have the removable pillow cover to be thicker with a soft foam to minimize that bouncy sensation that latex gives.

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