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LAZADA: Wait for 11.11 Online Revolution Surprise Boxes!

Get your mouse ready for the Biggest Online Revolution of the year to shop the universe with countless products available on LAZADA!
Psst!Scroll down to the end of this post for a special Voucher Code!

This year, Lazada will be launching their Online Revolution 2017 campaign on 11 Nov where they will be featuring products up to 90% off, with 110 Flash Deals and exclusive Bundles, and over 70 Brands Surprise Boxes (worth more than $100) at just $29 all the way leading into the Christmas month (12-14 Dec)!!

But this occasion is not just about sale items, LAZADA will be having fun activities for their loyal online shoppers. All you need to do is check their Facebook page as well as other Lazada social media sites for a chance to win in their exciting games. Plus, you can also get marvellous vouchers of up to $110 off from different brands as well as food, beverages and beauty and wellness!

In need of something necessary for my line of work, I got my hands on their Lazada X Delsey Surprise Box and boy~ am I happy with what's in it! 

Not to spoil the surprise, here's a little sneak peek at what's in my surprise box:
Its fabric is treated with water-resistant coating;
It has RFID-protection compartment to keep your personal data (like your credit card) from being maliciously scanned and copied;
It has a slot for earphones;
It has huge compartmental space for its size;
And it comes with a 2-year warranty.

And it's retail value is $179.

water-resistant coated fabric

This is the best time of the year to buy what you need and want! 

Lazada offers you the best deals at the best prices so shop and be assured that you will get these wonderful sale items promptly with their nationwide free shipping and 14-day free return policy, the entire process of ordering and delivering will be hassle-free.

Kickstart your Christmas Shopping with this voucher code: 
for 18% OFF your purchases, capped at $11 for First 100 New Customers only!
Valid from 11 Nov- 14 Dec 2017

This post has been brought to you by :)

Get Ready With Me: CANMAKE Summer Tinted Series

Do you love Japanese Makeup Products?

So do I, especially if they come in pretty packaging and have the promise of being a little unusual to use! Introducing more CANMAKE products from their latest launch, I created a video of how I incorporate the products to create an everyday makeup look with overly flushed cheeks!

 Here's a quick swatch of the shades and texture of the products, and my personal thought on them:

Wink Glow Eyes 
Contains pretty shimmers in them that also works in adding that additional radiance to the eyes, cheeks, and lips (if you use them they way I do it in my video).
Dries off quickly without budging, but do note that a little goes a long way with this product!

Stay-On Balm Rouge Tint

Adds a very natural colour to the lips, and I love how hydrating it is.
Perfect for a soft sultry look, and the colour is buildable.

Cream Cheek Tint

Has a balm-ish texture that offers quite a lasting flush on the skin but in Singapore's climate, do take note to remove this product properly before sleep!
Comes with a small circle sponge inside for application, using a sponge helps to build the colour up!

Eyebrow Tint Jelly
The best way to use this is to scrape off as much product from the applicator wand as possible and the idea here is to tint the area with sparse hair to darken it for a more natural finish.
Tint stays on for hours, regardless of how hot and humid the weather can be but removes easily with makeup remover!

Quick Airy Eyebrow
Works great together with the Eyebrow Tint Jelly, and as with the paired product, scrape off some product before applying it onto the brows for better application and control.

Here's the finished look!

Crème Simon: First Flagship Boutique

Crème Simon unveils their Brand Philosophy with First Flagship store in Singapore, located at Downtown OUE Gallery with their latest new offerings, like Crème Simon beauty and wellness "Les Thès de Monsieur Simon" tea range and "Les Remèdes de Monsieur Simon" supplements (to be released later in the year). 

As one of the pioneer influencer for Crème Simon, I was invited to be part of this joyous occasion and be the first few to test out their wellness tea collection!

Managing Director of Crème Simon, Felicia Soh, sharing her tips to a more radiant, slim and hydrated face using Crème Simon Popular Products, like the Demo-Hydrating Toner Mist featured here!


So without further ado, here's a quick breakdown of the teas:
Cost: Ranges from $32-$35

How To Brew:
Add 1 teaspoon of tea per person in tea bag or pot. Steep in less than boiling water (96°C to 98°C) for 5 to 7 minutes.

 It can also be used for cocktails, mocktails, desserts and even cooking if you know how to~ Hahaha! 


Skin Tea

This blend is packed with powerful antioxidants and phytonutrients to help delay signs of ageing, relieve psoriasis and eczema, and clear acne.

It contains:
Rooibos: Help prevent wrinkles, heal skin irritations and boost skin radiance.
Organic Honeybush: Rich in antioxidants to promote skin healing.
Chamomile: Calming and soothing to reduce skin irritations and neutralise free radicals.
Lemon Balm: Help repair and tighten skin.
Fennel: Colon cleansing to flush toxins from liver and gall bladder.
Ginseng: Help tone and brighten skin.

Beauty Tea

This blend is created to promote healthy skin, liver and kidneys, and to help reverse the damage caused by UV, pollution and other environmental stress on our body. 

It contains:
Apple: Rich in polyphenols to fight against free radicals.
Hibiscus: A mild diuretic that aid gradual weight loss, while managing cholesterol and blood pressure.
Rosehips: Help delay ageing and accelerate skin healing.
Elderberry, Blackberry, Raspberry, Strawberry: Relieve water retention, cleanse urinary tract and maintain liver and kidney health.
Sweet Blackberry Leaves: Collagen-forming for healthy skin and hair.

Purify Tea

This blend is a simple, safe and gentle way to aid your body’s inherent ability to boost metabolism, digestion and cleanse these toxins accumulated from our daily lifestyle.

It contains: 

Organic Ginger: Breaks down accumulated toxins in our organs and cleanse the lymphatic system.
Organic Lemongrass: Increase blood circulation and relieve fluid retention.
Organic Liquorice Root: To stimulate the breakdown of fats, balance metabolism, and ease adrenal fatigue.
Lemon Peel: Support the cleansing of toxins in the liver.
Organic Spearmint: To alleviate indigestion, cramps, bloating and nausea.

Relax Tea

This blend has been formulated to help sleep or rest better while recovering from the day’s activities. 

It contains:
Peppermint Leaves: To soothe anxiety, emotional stress, relax digestive muscles and cramps.
Chamomile Flowers: To relieve insomnia, promote good night’s sleep, and stimulate body’s natural recovery.
Real Vanilla Bits: For nausea and stomach upsets.
Bluecorn Flowers: To help relieve water retention, chest congestions and anxiety.

Out of the collection, my favourite teas is the Beauty Tea. Beauty Tea is sweet in taste and smells a lot like Ribena. It tastes great either hot or cold, but on a hot sunny day, drinking it cold is one of life's simple pleasures~!


I am also glad to share that after receiving reviews from Beauty Influencers and the consumer market, Crème Simon went to relook into how to further improve the product that they have!

I've been informed that the formulation of their Micellar Water Makeup Remover has been improved due to feedbacks that the Micellar Water would sting if it enters the eyes. So with that new found knowledge, I put the theory to the test and I'm glad to report back that it really doesn't sting!
To find out more or to make your purchase, head over to their website & E-shop now!

K-Palette: 1 Day Tattoo Lasting Eyebrow Tint [Sponsored Review]

Hi Ladies, have you heard?
K-Palette has released the newest addition to their 1 Day Tattoo series, 1 Day Tattoo Lasting Eyebrow Tint!

Transform your brows from sparse to lush or shorten your makeup routine with K-Palette Lasting Brow Tint, follow the trending eyebrow tint to create full and natural-looking brows that will last for days!

Start with a clean, bare face. Following your desired brow shape, apply a generous amount of tint following the hair grain. Remove any stray tint with a damp cotton bud.

Leave It On:
The tint may dry up in 5 minutes. It’s recommended to leave on for a minimum of 2 hours for the tint to last longer. Leave overnight for optimal results that last up to a week!

Peel Off:
Gently peel off the brow tint from the start of the brows. In the case of residue, simply remove with warm water. The eyebrow tint stays on the skin’s outer layer and will naturally fade as the skin regenerates.


Texture: Gum-like gel

Made in Japan for quality assurance.
Brush made from the Kumano prefecture, famed for their traditional brush craftsmanship
Infused with moisturising beauty essences for eyebrow skincare
Comes in 3 different shades, designed to tint for a week

After a week, everything has pretty much faded.
Only the start of the brow has some tint.
Cost: $23 ($22.34 on Beauty Carousel)

Product Rating: 8/10
This product does what it claims, I didn't have to do much with my brows after the tinting. The only thing was that towards the later part of the week (after 3 days), it starts to fade and it ends up patchy so I had to touch up quickly in the morning by filling them in with an eyebrow powder.

With 3 different shades, the colour of the shade does affect how the brows look for the initial 3 days but after that, it will all fade to a similar shade of brown like the 01 Light Brown shade. For best result, leave it on overnight. However, if you are new to such products, I recommend testing it out by leaving it on for 2 hours so that it won't last as long.

Top: 03 Mocha Brown; Middle: 02 Natural Brown; Bottom: 01 Light Brown
I highly recommend all users to have well-groomed brows to use this product so that it will be easier to apply it and for the best results. I mean it will look weird if you have messy brows with stray hairs and a well defined tinted shape! 

If you are new to most makeup, with zero skills, I would advise getting a girlfriend to do this for you. If you have some basic knowledge and skills, then I would advise going free-hand with this product and not to use the stencil provided, it is much easier and less messy!

My Tip to using this:
1) Keep brows well-groomed before tinting
2) Draw free hand, do not use the stencil
3) Press down onto skin when applying so that it doesn't end up patchy
4) Remove any mistakes quickly with a cotton bud soaked with remover
5) Less is always more, it's easier to correct if things are underdrawn rather than overdrawn!]

Hope these help, and if you have tried this out yourself, let me know how it was for you!

Event Launch: TONIC Grooming- Skincare Regime for Men Made Easy

 There's a new grooming service in town, and this time round it is targeted for men!
TONIC provides a skincare recommendation system that makes it easy for men to find the right skincare products that are appropriate for their skin.

TONIC selects the skincare products based on the efficacy of the skincare product and not by marketing claims, working with skincare experts to select products that contain a sufficient amount of beneficial ingredients, that are effective, and that have minimal known negative side effects.

TONIC kits consist of products selected from brands that include Lab Series, Murad, Clinique for Men, Menscience, Zirh, iS Clinical, Paula’s Choice etc.


Step 1) Fill in our short skincare questionnaire
It doesn’t need to be 100% accurate, just pick the answer that you think best suits you.

Step 2) Confirm your Kit
TONIC will suggest a skincare regime and products that they believe best suits you. 

You can find out more information about the product’s ingredients, benefits, usage etc by clicking the “?” on the product picture. After clicking the “?” on the product picture you can also ask for an alternative recommendation or choose your own product.

Step 3) Confirm treatments and travel kit
You can add optional targeted treatment such as eye cream/acne topical/clay masks or add free travel size bottles (empty).

Step 4) Check out
You can select whether you want a subscription or just a one-time purchase. Please enter your gift card or discount code here.

STEP 5) Create an Account and Fill in Your Credit Card Details
Create an account by inputting your email and a password. By creating an account with TONIC you can make super simple replenishment orders or reorder an entire kit when you run out.

Finally, fill your credit card details to complete the order.


TONIC offers two types of kits: 
Minimalist which is the most basic skincare package (2-3 steps morning/night, including washing your face)
Quintessential which includes additional products such as scrubs, toners and serum for those that want a more comprehensive skincare regimen. 

They only charge for the products in your kit, there is no additional charge for our recommendation service or shipping. Each product is FULL-SIZE, with the average minimum range from $190 onwards.

For more information, head over to!

CReeR: 4-in-1 Wipe Off Makeup Remover [Sponsored Review]

CReeR Cleansing Water and CReeR Cleansing Water [Oil In] promise to cut short your daily makeup cleansing regime with just one step! Paraben-free, alcohol-free and sting-free, CReeR Cleansing Water and CReeR Cleansing Water [Oil In] are formulated with Makeup Catching Micelles with Negative Ion and Japan Shimane Prefecture Hot Spring Water that will dissolve your makeup so gently and thoroughly it leaves no residue behind!


CReeR Cleansing Water and CReeR Cleansing Water [Oil In] are a 4-in-1 makeup remover that is light yet highly effective in dissolving makeup, exfoliating, cleansing and moisturising the skin with no rinsing needed.

Free from harmful ingredients (Paraben, alcohol, colour additives, fragrance)
Dissolves makeup quickly
Removes old dead cells
Leaves skin feeling clean and fresh
Gentle and light


Dispense an appropriate amount of the Cleansing Water onto a cotton pad.
Gently wipe off the makeup with the saturated cotton pad.

For water resistant makeup, leave the soaked cotton pad onto the target area for a few seconds first before wiping off. It’s also highly recommended to use Cleansing Water [Oil In] for water resistant makeup!

Then, continue with your daily skincare regime as no rinsing is required.
You may also use CReeR Cleansing Water as a Cleansing Toner on busy mornings!

* I personally would still rinse it off and end off with my normal skincare regime.


Texture: Not as sticky as other Micellar Water I've tried, and once it dries, there is barely any sensation left on the skin.

Smell: No scent

CReeR Cleansing Water - Water, PEG-6 Caprylic/Capric Glycerides, Sodium Benzoate, Phenoxyethanol, Disodium EDTA, Citric Acid, Sodium Chloride, Sodium Citrate, Butylene Glycol

CReeR Cleansing Water [Oil In] - Water, Cyclomethicone, Mineral Oil, Hydrogenated Polyisobutene, PEG-6 Caprylic/Capric Glycerides, Sodium Benzoate, Phenoxyethanol, Disodium EDTA, Citric Acid, Sodium Chloride, Sodium Citrate, Butylene Glycol, Tocopherol

See the dark and yellow areas!
Cost: $13.90 ($12.90 if you purchase from here!)

Product Rating: 8/10

As a quick cleanser for lazy days, the CReeR Cleansing Water works really well. I was impressed by the dirt that was lifted up and how visible it was on the cotton pad.

As for its makeup removal abilities, I tested the CReeR Cleansing Water [Oil In] out on one of my stronger/ more stubborn foundation, waterproof mascara and eyeliner, and a blush tint that would stain slightly after application.

Just note to shake the CReeR Cleansing Water [Oil In] properly first before dispensing some on a cotton pad, you will notice that it turns into a milky solution. With the first swipe, I ran the cotton pad across the left side of the back of my hand and immediately, it picked up most of the makeup with the exception of the mascara.

With the second swipe, I ran the same cotton pad across the right side of the back of my hand, and this time round, everything (including the eyeliner) was picked up immediately. And with the third swipe, I ran it across the whole surface of the back of my hand and everything was removed.

So for that, it scored really high on my ranking board because out of all the micellar water I've tried, this is the most effective when it comes to removing makeup effortlessly and quickly, especially the mascara! The best part of it was that it was done with just a cotton pad.

So a little goes a long way with these cleansing water, to remove all traces of makeup! That being said, how I go about using these products is that I will start off removing my makeup with the CReeR Cleansing Water [Oil In] first, followed by a second cleanse with the CReeR Cleansing Water, and end it off with a gentle oil cleanser because I personally don't like leaving micellar water on my face. I'm not comfortable with the idea of chemicals left on my skin, it's either just water or natural ingredients. Because I do spot some ingredients in the list that are things that I'm personally not comfortable with.

If you do feel the same way, then I suggest using this as a quick makeup removal routine but always follow up with rinsing it off or to end it with a skincare regime that replenishes the skin and protects with natural ingredients!

If you are fine with it, then be comforted to know that this micellar water dries off rather nicely on the skin with no icky sticky sensation and it is one of the better micellar water I've tested over the years!