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Ok, here it goes~ You peeps asked for it and here I am, being thick skin.

Number 1:
Nikon D90

Number 2:
Hair straighter by Panasonic or other good brands that you can think of... need to tame my frizzy hair~

Number 3:
Electric eyelash curler

Number 4:
Chinese makeup box with mirror~ I have a thing for antiques...(GO CHINATOWN!)

Number 5:
unique cups or those oldies cups~ like the one below!
Drank tea out from it during visiting... sooo tempted to borrow it forever! heh.

Number 6:
Anna Sui, Secret Wish!

Number 7:
Kose Mask

Number 8:
Cleansing Express(The green bottle)

Number 9:

Currently, I'm running low on blusher and I prefer the matt-ish look.

Number 10:

Clothing Gift Voucher

No harm having more stuff~


I hope this helps!

P.s. I love handmade stuff too~

Note: This is just a guideline, so chill~

Reminder: Friends & Family, Pls RSVP on my fb event page for my Birthday Party!

It is finalised. I will email the invitation letter out to all that are attending to get free entry into Sentosa!

See all of you then!