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Embrace your hate- My Flaw

I had tons of nicknames and "flaws".
But the"flaw" that affects me the most, gave me the nickname of...

*Drums Roll*

Yes~ I fall under the tragic category of pimple face.

I have skin with a B attitude. It is more volatile than mother nature itself and has a mind of its own.

I took antibiotics, went for facials, went for laser, went for blue light, tried various alternatives of skincare and my skin refuse to calm down and behave.

I used to suffer from sever acne and it was seriously depressing to have to wake up everyday to the face i see and touch in the morning.

Even now, after various methods, I am still suffering from normal breakouts and very rarely, once in awhile, an acne or 2 will appear. I wont lie, I'm still bothered by it.

Hence, I think Glee's message of accepting your flaws as a positive message.
If you cant change it, embrace it!

Here's an idea of how my skin was with breakouts: