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Asian Civilisations Museum

A few weeks back, I headed over to Asian Civilisations Museum for the exhibition on the Terracotta Warriors. Since young, I always had a thing for the history, art and legends of Ancient China. I think people then were super smart, just look at the inventions from those time!

You have to agree that they were almost on par with the Ancient Egyptians, huh~

To make such exhibition more interactive, an App was created and I have to admit that I did have fun searching for the small icon throughout the exhibition, curious to find out what's next. All you had to do was point your camera at the icon!

I saw a documentary on the terracotta warriors the other day, discussing about how ancient chinese made these life-size figures and their discovery that all these statutes were originally coated with lacquer and painted with vibrant colours, obtained from still existing and lost source.

Looking at these in person, and seeing the details and effort put into creating them... I seriously wonder what they are for. What if their creation and use is of a totally different perception than what we think it is for now. Only the dead can tell, but it is nice to ponder.

And another thing I love about the Ancient people is their eye for detail, a true testimony to the patience of people then and their love for art.

If you have yet to take a look, the exhibition is open until 16 Oct!