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Enzyme Cleaner

Just the other day, I was sharing with someone about using natural enzyme instead of chemical products to clean grease and stains that we experience from our daily life (clothes, kitchen, bathroom) and she asked me for the list and procedures of making her very own enzyme cleaner. So I thought "Hey, why not make a post out of it?!"

The awesome fact of making your very own enzyme cleaner is that you are reusing your fruit waste to create a "cleaning product" that is gentle on the environment because it is non-toxic and 100% natural. How this cleaner works is by the enzymes in it, that aids the breakdown of the substrates in stains and dirt! Click here for more info.

Here is a photo of the one I have at home, my dad used the peels of oranges and dragon fruits for this and we are waiting to test its effectiveness.

Moreover, besides using it as a cleaning product, you can use it to add some nutrient to your garden! The potted plants that my dad cultivates, has never been this green before until he starts watering them with the magical concoction!

So let's get started! To make your very own enzyme cleaner, you will need:

1) 2-liter plastic bottle/ container
2) 100 grams of brown sugar

  • Pour the brown sugar into the bottle/container.

Please note that you have to use brown sugar (as above) for this, not white!

3) 300 grams of citrus scraps

  • Add in the citrus scrap.
4) 1 liter of water

  • Pour in the water, tightly screw the bottle and mark down the current date.

  • Then give it a good shake until the sugar has dissolved and keep the bottle away from direct sunlight.

  • The fermentation process will take 3 months to complete and please remember to open the bottle cap for awhile, once every 3 days to allow the gases within to escape.

Should you wish to make this enzyme cleaner in a bigger portion, you may do so but the ratio of ingredients must be as follows:

1 part brown sugar; 3 parts citrus scrap; 10 parts water.

Hope you will find this a joy to make and a breeze to use, as I have. If you have anymore enquires about the enzyme cleaner, drop me a comment.