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Moving forward

It has been awhile ever since I passed my crown over to this year's Miss Earth Air and life has been pretty good to me. I moved on with the opportunity from a fellow "brother" and credits to Lumiere to coach local University Pageant.

I got to admit that it was a little daunting, coaching others when I have but only one pageant and a live ASEAN competition experiences in my pocket and I think that, personally, my walk and poses needs improvement.Nevertheless, I went for it with a soft approach; offering those interested, the tales of my mini limelight experiences and my personal reflection and advice.

So the first coaching I did was with NUS Business School Pageant with 10 gorgeous ladies and 10 gentlemen, and I did it to the best that I could. I was very pleased with the final performance and am glad to see that all of them were enjoying themselves.

Then my second coaching was with NTU Hall 8 Pageant, another fun bunch of youths! This time, it was slightly different because their choreography was more or less settled and we only came in to assist them in their deportment and stage presence.

After the experience with NUS, I had more confidence in myself (just a tad bit, still improving myself) to coach. It also helped that this was a smaller group, so I had more time assisting all of them in their walks and getting them to understand what I meant by "shining" on stage.

I think my "skill" lies in identifying people's areas for improvement (I'm such a critic) and am sadistic enough to make people go through the same routine until their brain just stop thinking about what to do and the movement becomes a subconscious reflex on its own. Which isn't really that bad of a skill right? Now, if only I can apply it to my own walk and poses... Haha.

And I really dont mind doing more of such coaching if given the opportunity since I usually end up having a wonderful time coaching and laughing, and gaining new found friends.

I even went to Miss Singapore World with 2 of the NTU ladies recently and got the thrill of taking a photo with Gurmit Singh!

Yup, Life is pretty kind to me at times.

Credits to Leslie and Lumiere for the new found opportunities and experiences!