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First thing first, I am sorry for the lack of updates. Life had been a roller coaster for me recently with 2 passing in a week, followed by a 20 days vacation with my family. But, I'm back and emotionally well enough to blog again.

Few things at hand, Meltie giveaway winner is Crystal who was my one and only eligible applicant, so she won herself a Strawberry Meltie! It is that simple~ Haha! A big thank you to Jien Kuah for submitting her application as well! I need to learn how to hype up my giveaways~

Secondly, within these few days, keep an eye out on my reviews and what nots on all the products below!~ Yup, Jody is back and really apologetic for the lack of whooha~ so it's gonna be an eye feast soon~