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Beauty, down under.

When the topic of self esteem and being confident of our image arises, it is usually about how we look on the surface... Hair, face, teeth and body.

Well, there is another that I have recently realised that we missed out on but before I get ahead of myself and reveal what that is... let's take a moment and reflect on why our self confidence and esteem seems to be always tied to our physical attributes.

I'm sure it is quite evident that it links to being "sexually" appealing. We often get "conformed" to society's norms of what is "beautiful" when the image of perfect is actually the end results of a small percentage of human beings or someone digitally enhanced... So now with that being said, watch the video below (there will be intervals where the screen will be blank, skip right ahead)

I am sure all females will be able to relate to the emotions evoked from this documentary. If you are Asian, like me, the topic of our vagina will not be something that we will usually talk about, right? Or at least, I dont recall talking about it openly to my mum or any females about it... besides the topic of waxing.

I guess it could be due to the fact that I think I got a pretty textbook based vajay-jay, so I never had an issues with the way it looks... But after watching this video, it hits me that hey~ we really do not talk about such stuff, dont we? And it leads me to think that all self image issues arises all because we do not talk about them and that in return, creates a barrier from accepting our "imperfections".

However, I am curious to know... do you ladies have issues with the way yours is? Would you be open to talk and share information about it? Make a cast out from it?

Oh, and not to mention about the social and cultural stigma in regards to our virginity as a female... I do not encourage underage sex but an operation to sew back our hymen for guys, only to get it torn again... It never is easy for us, Females huh?