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Vday- Are you single?

Ah~ Valentine's Day~ the day that reminds all singles of what we are missing out in life: a partner in life. There is 3 ways to view life, the cup is half empty; the cup is half full; or the cup is used.

On that very day, a girlfriend of mine and I decided to take things into our own hands and dated each other out to have a fun day at the Zoo!

We fed rabbits...

and watched animals being fed.

Went about patting animals...

staring at animals...

and took photos of them.

We added in our own spice of fun...

and honestly, enjoyed ourselves. To be honest, unless you step into Orchard or the Town area, Vday is pretty much like any other day.
Which leads me wondering, why am I so blue when I think about my current situation? The answer is that I am lonely. Haha~ Things have been pretty bleak ever since I broke up and I am still not used to living life on my own. I met a decent guy recently and told him of my interest but things backfired after I told him that I needed a decent amount of time to lapse before I feel like I can commit again.

I wanted to use the time to re-love myself again and to prove to my ex that he isnt a fling for me, we just arent compatible in the long run... A few months after the breakup, my ex is happily moving forward with his life in the arms of other girls and it bites. I am glad that he moved on but at the same time, it feels like the table has turned.

So for the past few weeks, I lost faith in love until I viewed this video below...

and it reminded me of the other purpose of the "time"; to re-love myself, to work on my character, my life. Honestly, if I am a guy... I would not be attracted to the emo me now. Haha~ So, operation to improve my life in progress!

Watch me, I will bounce back right up!