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A new chapter of my life: Miss Universe 2012

Hi peeps!~

It has been awhile, and just recently, I decided to take up another personal challenge.

I am now participating in Miss Universe Singapore 2012. 
And with that, my schedule has been pretty packed ever since~

With what you may ask...

Well, everyone with what I would like to call as the Transformation Process.

Ever watched Miss Congeniality? It is something like that. 

There are 4 parts to the process:
Part 1: Grooming and Deportment
Part 2: Fitness and Physique Development
Part 3: Refinement of Hair, Teeth etc
Part 4: Tying everything in to provide the end result

And that is pretty much what I have been up to, besides work and play!

This is the fun portion of a pageant~ Tiring no doubt, painful at some stage but it's all for self growth!

I will never have been where I am today doing what I do, if I didnt make a decision to join Miss Earth and receive all transformation lessons they provided. Im hoping for a second chance to further refine my flaws and boost my confidence!

So watch me as I transform!


  1. you can do it! We also just recently crown our Miss Earth Sabah 2012

  2. Aww~ Thanks Dora!!! Miss Earth Singapore 2012 was also recently crowned!