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Miss Singapore Global 2013: Personal Branding and Media Management, 7th April

Today was the very first training for Miss Singapore Global on Personal Branding and Media Management, and the session was more than 6 hours long!

People outside of the Beauty Pageant circle tend to have the conception that all we have to do is to smile, look pretty, have a good figure and give perfect answers to every questions asked of us.

It is true, we have to look presentable and pretty, we need to maintain our figures and we need to answer intellectually as society deems but as any ordinary lady can tell you, it takes hard work.

I usually spend more than an hour to look good, getting my hair to listen to me and acing my makeup application which is never perfect!

I love to eat and enjoy food, so my figure fluctuates~
Blissfully and thankfully, we were treated with semi-fine-dining cuisine during the branding training that consist of 7 courses, all of which were served with the right amount of serving!

I took only 4 dishes because I ate the other 3 up before remembering that I should have taken a photo of each for this post! 

And honestly, if anyone is to push a microphone into your face with cameras and lightening in your face, asking you any questions, it is downright nerve wrecking. We all know what nerves do to our composure...
Think of your PSLE Oral Examination days.

Hence, that's why I was very thankful that for the very first training for this pageant, it addresses the key situation that all of us are worried about: Media and Our Publicity, with Social Media Specialist
Andrew Chow.

For the first hour, we sat down with Miss Singapore Global's National Director and Professional Image Coach, Vanessa Tan to look at our individual qualities. It helped us in finding our personal story, our cause and the driving force that will push us in this pageant.

After which, was followed by Andrew's session on personal branding with the use of social media and the insider secret to being more "Like"able before addressing the key lesson for today, media management!

I got to admit that now, with Andrew's wisdom and having had a personal experience on 938Live, I feel slightly less daunted to be on media! We were told that there is the possibility of more media exposure, so keep your eyes and ears out for us and Miss Singapore Global!

And with that, I hope all of us will get to put what we learnt to use!

For wisdom, unless practiced upon, will be nothing but that of words and not the fruits of it.

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