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Miss Singapore Global 2013: Press Reception

After Miss Singapore Global 2013 Press Reception which took place at Grand Corpthorne Waterfront, it finally sank into to me that I did it!

Another media exposure that went well!

Despite our smiles and mastered composure, hours before 2pm... We were honestly a little flabbergast! Haha!

Everything went by relatively fast, I can still recall sitting in the chair~ getting my hair curled by Ace from J's Salon and trying to get myself composed, practicing my introduction and getting myself into the right mindset.

I knew that I am already walking my talk and am truly passionate about my cause, and that the introduction was to express that.

Whether I did managed to do so, it up to you to decide on first impression...
And follow me on my Facebook page to experience my progress in my cause with me!

Back to the Press Reception...
We debuted our very First Victoria Secret's Inspired Wing that was handmade with the mothers and staff from Mother and Child Project!

Each of us will be wearing a different wing during our swimwear segment and all the wings will be auctioned off to raise funds for Mother and Child Project!

Please do show your support by bidding on our wings when we release them for biding!


The news of Miss Singapore Global's unique voting was also released. Instead of crowning the winner based solely on the judges' decision, Miss Singapore Global's voting system consists of 30% from the total Miss SG Global App Vote Score, followed by 30% from Facebook "likes" and the remaining 40% from the judges.

This means that you, members of the public, have the deciding power to choose who should win.
No disputes about "underhand" methods that have been in everyone's mind about the way pageant winners are crowned. 

 All in all, I am very happy with my personal moments with the press and the composure that all of us managed to display when it really came down to it.

It was also very heart warming to have our lovely sponsors sitting among the crowd, giving us encouraging smiles and congratulating us on our performance after the conference was done!

Needless to say, if it wasnt for the effort, time and dedication from Vanessa, Yew Chong and Andrew~ 

Everything would not have been possible.

So on behalf of all of the ladies, 

We are currently half way through this journey and I will be looking forward to the final training, photo shoots media exposures, rehearsal AND~ the Finals on 31st August!

To end things off~ Here are lots of self shots, smiles and laughter!

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Find the voting page under the "More" & then "Polls" tab. 

Simply enter your name and email on the page of mine to VOTE.
1 email address is entitled to 1 vote, voters may make multiple votes under a different email add *hint*

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