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JODULU X TheWYLDshop |Glam Rock|

 Whoop! Whoop! 
Glam Rock Collection is out, check out theWYLDshop now!

Love the pop of colour and how comfy this outfit is!
Available in black too!

Another favourite of mine from this collection is the Plain X Back Tank!
A comfy top with a sexy back!

Loo working her magic to create the effortlessly tucked in top look!

Paired with Reptilian Black Short & LE SPECS Roundabout in matt black

And I'm all glam up and ready for a rock concert!

Paired with Reptilian Black Short and my favourite LE SPECS Rapture in black!

Shop now at theWYLDshop

Til the next collection!
Rock with style, WYLDstyle~