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Wanderlust Getaway: Bali [Part 5]

“Ever has it been that love knows not its own depth until the hour of separation.”
― Khalil Gibran

Day 5

I remember this day started out with a really beautiful morning~

E & I woke up and decided to walk to the cake shop nearby for some cakes for breakfast.

Look at how happy she is! :)

So we bought quite a few cakes & pastries and went back to the villa to share,
because sharing is caring!

After breakfast, we decided to head off to Legian again for more shopping~
The first shop we went to was this shop that sells everything related to Bob Marley,
it reminds me of Jamaica~

Oh~ Jamaica~ I'll be back soon~

Then another interesting shop we went to was selling tons of dainty accessories which I love!
I got myself a silver ring!
Last year, I was crazy about bracelets~
This year, slim dainty rings are my latest craze!

Then along the way, we stopped at this shop because E wanted to look for something~ but she couldnt find it, hence her sad face! Heh.

I couldnt stand being in that store for too long... Pink overload!
Yes, I'm not a fan of pink.

Then after shopping around, we stopped for some Hotdogs at Skooby!

It was a really good meal :)
And it made me happy!

After the meal~
 we decided to head to Kuta Beach one last time before our flight to take more pictures,
enjoy the sea breeze and see if it was possible for me to say goodbye to a friend I met the night before.

The thing is, Kuta Beach isn't exactly a small area and there are tons of people~
So, I didnt get to say goodbye...

But~ I did managed to enjoy my time at the beach~
and... apparently, it seems like it wasnt time for a goodbye then...
Because he will be in Singapore in a few days time~

I would love if the weather wasn't so hot and humid but~ looking at these photos now...
I was in paradise~

We cheated a little by seeking shade under the lifeguards' umbrella...
and in a way, I was glad we did!

Look at the gorgeous lady I snapped in the photo below while I was under the shade!

I swear, I was just taking this photo to show how many people there were... but ya, you can thank me now
Sexy, huh~
(You're welcome.)

The next sexy creature is this dog here!

The dog was together with the lifeguards who are all really friendly and funny to talk too as well!

It's so adorable~ It was so relaxed, and looked really peaceful napping away~

Anyway~ here are the photos by the beach that were taken by my awesome cousin~!

And as always~
Something goofy!

After the sun, sand and sea~
We headed back to the villa, showered, packed and finished an entire bottle of wine
before heading to the airport.

Mid flight,
I guess~
They are all really tired but Et & I couldn't resist a good photo moment like that!

In the end,
Bali was a really good trip~
One that I needed and truly enjoyed!!!

It was sort of bitter sweet when we got to the oh~so~familiar immigration point
and it hit me that I'm back to Singapore.

But the moment my mum run and skip towards me
with open arms the moment she spotted me...
and my dad giving me the "that's your mother" expression with a smile.

Being home, isn't that bad~ but that moment is forever imprinted into my memory.
Until my next wanderlust hits!

Here's a video to wrap things up!

“All journeys eventually end in the same place, home.” 
― Chris Geiger