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Essential Beauty Tools: July Edition! [Brought to you by OMY.SG X Singapore Blog Awards]

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As a finalist of Best Beauty Blog in Singapore Blog Awards, we were requested to share with our readers the beauty tools which we use that are important to us. It was easy for me to think of the beauty tools that I use, but the challenge was how these tools were important to me. 

 I have just chanced upon these tools and just use them without realising that they form the essential part of my beauty process! We learn something new everyday!

Check out my video on the types of beauty tools I used in different aspects of my beauty regimen
and scroll down to read how these tools are important to me!


Marketing and advertising has always place an emphasis that beauty starts with flawless skin, to the extent that photos and videos are retouched; models are covered up with makeup; and now, any skin imperfection is frown upon.

Ladies are now guilt-ridden for "flaws" that they cant control, like acne, pimples, wrinkles and even pigmentation.

As a new beauty blogger in this field, I would like to break that and tell you that I am far from perfection.

I battled with acne to tell you that the more you try to get rid of it, the more harm you are doing to your skin.
Now, after medications, harsh creams and various chemical treatments, my skin is very sensitive.

I found out the hard way that the solution to happy beautiful skin is to do less with harsh ingredients, sufficient with my cleansing routine and more with the way I love myself despite the social stigma of beauty.

I am currently using natural and basic skincare products for my face (Click here to read more about my current skincare) and to maintain healthy glowing skin, I use these tools below to gently cleanse away dead skin cells, grime and makeup and to boost circulation!

This fluffy brush here is a cleansing brush!

Made with incredibly fine and soft bristles, The Cloud reaches deep into your pores to prevent the accumulation of dirt, grime and makeup. This reduces causes of blemishes, while smoothing and refining your skin’s texture for incredible results.
I will do a review on this range soon! Keep an eye out if you are interested to know more! 

I have mentioned this in my recent July Skin Care Regimen video, click here to find out more on it!
A 100% natural facial sponge made from vegetable fiber, Kishu Binchotan charcoal (White charcoal) and various minerals that enhance absorptive ability, helps removing excess oil and dead skin cells in the most delicate manner.

With the use of these 2 cleansing tools, I have seen and felt a difference. My skin is smoother and more radiant now, there are still the occasional blemishes but the amount of it has reduced significantly!
I still dont have perfect flawless skin but at least the condition is being kept under control~


Gorgeous makeup is as much about the tools you use as the products you apply and the skill of application. 

“Brushes make all the difference when it comes to getting a professional-looking makeup application,” says New York City-based celebrity makeup artist Troy Surratt. 

Having started out with basic makeup: foundation and eyeliner, I have come a long way from using my fingers to apply makeup. Now, I have a holder full of brushes, a drawer full of foundation, powder, blushers, eyeshadows, eyeliners, mascaras, lip gloss, lip stains and lipsticks!

I still use my fingers when I do my makeup, because let's face it~ body heat warms up products and fingers are easier to control when you are rushing for time. But that being said, on days when I have time or when a more seamless makeup look is required, I use brushes for application!
And as a beauty blogger, readers are not only interested in our 2 cents worth of review about a beauty product but also the way we create our makeup look~ (Am I right?)

I find that brushes help to create a smoother almost airbrush application that fingers cant really give.
And at the moment, I am trying out these 5 brushes from 13RUSHES!

13RUSHES aspires to bring cruelty-free alternatives to beauty lovers all over the world. We believe looking great doesn’t have to harm the animals. Contrary to popular belief, getting fur off the animals isn't as pain-free as a haircut. Every year, millions of animals are trapped and strangled in the wild, electrocuted and skinned in fur farms. Beauty should never come at the expense of the animals, as such all our products are 100% free of animal parts. Hence we promise to NEVER experiment on animals. Fur is really not glamourous.
I had the great pleasure of collaborating with 13RUSHES after I wrote in to them, I was really interested to know what everyone was raving about and so far, I am glad with the choices I made!
I will be doing a review on these brushes soon, so please do keep an eye out too!

Brushes aside, another makeup tool that I find very useful is this eyelash curler by Panasonic.
Eyelashes are Asian ladies' woes, they are either too short, too sparse or too straight that cannot rival the Western Ladies...

I have long lashes that are sparse and so poker straight, it would fool everyone at a poker table.

So I have been on the search for mascaras that would add volume and hold curls really well, and in my search, I have come upon many disappointing claims and end up having excess.

SO when I chanced upon this curler, I thought that I would put it to the ultimate test with the less worthy mascaras and boy was I amazed~

I have never used a heated eyelash curler like this before and boy~ am I glad to have this!
This curler really makes the most out of mascaras that droops lashes (you know what I'm talking about)!

It heats up fast, curls well and stretch the use of disappointing mascaras!


Because I have a longish face shape, I keep my hair long to balance my face out and if you have long hair too, you know the troubles behind keeping our mane healthy.

Besides using SLS-free shampoo and applying all sort of hair treatment oil, I also try to keep it away from excessive heat. If I do, I use a heat protection products.

So what do I use when I want naturally soft curls for events and date nights?

I use these foam rollers!

I have really long hair that has been dyed more times than I can count now and as usual, dyed hair tends to be dry and brittle. So to avoid excessive heat, I use these rollers to help me achieve my usual hairdo look while I sleep!

And there you have it~
The importance of Beauty Tools to me as a Beauty Blogger!

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