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13Rushes: Short Shader & Angled Mini Brushes [Sponsored Review]

As promised, here's my review on the eye makeup brushes from 13RUSHES!
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For Lining/ Smudging Along Lash Line:

The Short Shader does a brilliant job at packing colors on the lid! It is also a must-have for smudging products along the lash line.

Use with:

Texture: Soft, well-packed flat bristles

Made Of : wo-toned anti-bacterial Taklon bristles, a 100% synthetic alternative to animal hair

  • Applies color onto precise areas
  • Smudges the lower lash line
Cost: $15

Product Rating: 9/10

I'm going to be honest here and say that when it comes to packing eyeshadows onto eyelids, nothing works better than sponge tip applicators and fingers. This works ok for adding the colour to the lid, and great for lining or smudging lines out along the lash line.  I also use this to define my brows, and it's wonderful because it's soft enough to define the brows without any harshness!

For Eyeshadows:

An ultra versatile eyeshadow brush great for girls who are just starting out on eye makeup. Use this Angled Mini to apply your eyeshadow and highlight your brow bones!

Use with:
  • Eyeshadow
  • Highlighting powder
  • Concealer
Texture: Soft, smooth and angled bristles

Made Of : wo-toned anti-bacterial Taklon bristles, a 100% synthetic alternative to animal hair

  • Applying and blending eye shadow
  • Applying shadow in the corner, in the crease or all over the lid
  • Highlighting of brow bone
  • Applying concealer to the under-eye
Cost: $15

Product Rating: 9/10
This brush is perfect for creating smokey eye look. Due to its shape, it makes it easy to mark out the outer V and blend out any harsh lines. I also find that it makes applying eye shadow quick and easy with a simple swipe if you are in the rush, due to its angled tip. It is fluffy enough to pick up just the right amount of eyeshadow and soft enough to bluff out the colour. Overall, a wonderful product that is soft and gentle for an area as delicate as the eyes.


And that brings me to the end of the review!
All the 13RUSHES brushes seen up to date on my blog were carefully selected by me with the intention of choosing them to create a makeup brush set that is versatile and complete, to meet all the needs to do my makeup with just 5 brushes! 

Watch how I created a Gala Night makeup look with these brushes here!
Right now, you can also customize your own makeup brush kit with 13RUSHES here!
I love it when I have the rights to choose what I need and want when it comes to makeup product, dont you?