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#LoveStartsWithAClick: I found my boyfriend from a dating app! Maybe you can too?

Many months ago, I decided that unless I take an active part in placing myself out there... chances of me meeting and dating a guy is very slim. It was almost a 0% chance because my job involves mostly students and if there are any men, they are married or attached.

The other issue I had was time, I didn't have the time to attend dating event etc, so I opted for the next best thing: Dating apps.

I made it clear on my profile that I wasn't looking for hookups, and that's was how I met my guy. We chatted for awhile before I gave him my number and met him in person.

After many more dates later~ he asked me to be his girlfriend and that's was how we started being a couple.

That's the Happily Ever version of my dating app experience, but the reality of the whole experience is that, like many ladies out there, there were more sleazy guys than the decent ones. Dating apps make it easy for men and women (let's not be sexist) to find hookups. I chanced upon 2 men who started conversation about sex immediately and on another occasion... went out on a date where the guy was too touchy for my liking. 

I also had girlfriends telling me that they were chatting with guys who they thought were single, only to find them attached or worse... Married. 

So, it makes me a little excited to share with my girlfriends and ladies reading this, Singapore's first female-centric dating app, Lunchclick! This dating app is also accredited by Social Development Network (SDN).

Here's how Lunchclick aims to increase security for ladies:

1) Ensures that all users in database are genuine singles who are there for the right reasons

  • NIRC is required for sign ups to ensure there are no married individuals on the app
  • Checking of the authenticity of facebook profiles and  relationship status to prevent people with fake profiles or attached status from being on the app

2) A match per day
  • The creation of allowing only 1 match per day  deters "players" so this won't appeal to people who just want to play "the numbers game"

Besides these security functions, Lunchclick also has some features that are very useful especially if you are a shy individual or if you are unfamiliar with the use of dating apps. 

Here's how Lunchclick app helps to defuse the awkward/silent moments and to resolve any confusion or dissatisfaction with the match:

1) Hundreds of engaging questions
  • Lunchclick's "Q&A" style of interaction includes topics such as values, opinions, interests and aspirations. This allows you to get to know your match better, rather than wasting time on small chat that usually comes across as awkward, boring or ineffective.

2) Designed to encourage dates
  • With the "Propose a Date" option, it helps to make suggesting a date easier and less awkward. Simply pick a location and suggest a date & time  to meet.

3) In-app Real Human Love Assistant
  • Need advice, dating tips or unsure how the app works? Feel free to utilize the help of Lunchclick's Love Assistant. 

4) Post-date Feedback
  • After a date, if you feel like the match you met isn't the one for you and you would like to continue your search... Lunchclick can help you fine-tune and optimize the matching algorithm to give you better matches.

Now, with all that's being said~

 I understand that it can be a little daunting to meet someone randomly and to invest the time and money to date them out. So~ Lunchclick has something AWESOME to help you ease the discomfort of meeting someone new.

500 Free Dates Campaign

That's right~
For the first 1000 users who use the "Propose a Date" feature on the app and go out on a date together, your meal for the date will be sponsored by Lunchclick!

So with one less thing to worry about and with the help of date ideas and places on Lunchclick app, put yourself out there and take that dive~

Lunchclick App can be downloaded from here (iTunes) or here (Google Play) and all you need to do is to sign up, edit your profile and click away~

All the best!

This post has been brought to you by Lunchclick, Singapore's first female-centric dating app.


  1. One of the most dating app i liked most is "Tinder app" Its working as simple as cool. I have been impressed with the features that is there in tinder app and thought of sharing with you.

    Tinder Clone App

    1. I like that you are not afraid of using dating apps :) I find that it's one of the brilliant ways of meeting new people! Thanks for sharing!