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Deja Fashion: Start Your Styling Journey Here

Two months ago, I was invited to an Exclusive Fashion Party to learn more about Asia’s first Intelligent Personal Styling app.

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When I was made aware of this app, I thought that it was great! 
Because now, besides scrolling through #ootd and lookbook online, this app gives me an alternative of  working out my style with similar items that I can find among what I already have.

What Does Deja Fashion Offer?

Visual Mannequin
The newest and most fun way to shop with a completely unique experience.

I really like this function because it allows me to mix-and-match outfits with shoes, bags and even accessories. The best part is that you can coordinate the looks with hair and makeup, and there is also the option to modify the Mannequin's face to yours to make the experience more realistic!

Personal Stylist

Experience the first real time style assessment through mixing and matching multiple clothes.

Ultimately, there is no denying that this app will help us in finding out our own style and if we need help, there are a range of styling articles on the app and a decent amount of styles created by fellow Deja Fashion users to see what works and what don't.

The first time I used this app, I was hooked on playing around with the collection of apparels, shoes and accessories.

There is just something really addictive about this app, it's like playing dress up with a barbie doll with a huge collection of clothing!

I really wished that I had this app earlier when I was deciding on what to wear for Fashion Step Out, it would have saved me from all the headache I was having! Haha, in the end, I went ahead with stripes (if you have seen my post on it) but I've also recreated a look similar to what I've worn for one of the styling challenges that Deja Fashion App host!

More info about the challenges below.

Universal Purchase 
Shop the world’s fashion at the palm of your hands on one platform, Deja.

The best part of this app is that it links the items used, to the site where you can purchase it from, so you can purchase your creations!   

So since I've switched from an outdoor job to an indoor role, I've been sourcing for clothing to wear for work. I need something professional with a dash of my own taste and style. So here's what I came up with:

Ok~ I don't wear spectacles any longer but it's good to reminisce of my good old days.
That aside, I love how the app list out the total cost of the outfit (not shown in photo) and the price of the individual items to help individuals like me to decide on what items I can focus on to get and other items that I can work towards to~ Haha!

Overall, I've been having fun on it~ It's a great app that keeps me entertained on my way thru and fro from work! And talking about the styling challenges~ Do feel free to join their styling campaigns and earn credits as you create looks for Deja Style Challenges. These credits can later be redeemed for prizes like vouchers and movie tickets once you have accumulated the amount needed!

So start your styling experience here with Deja Fashion App, and as always~ feel free to follow me for more styling inspiration!

Simply find my profile (YT Liu) under the Hot Fashionistas Banner in the EXPLORE tab!