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Sophisca: Prank People With These Confectionery! [Media Release]

Hey everyone!
With March coming to an end, what better (and safer) way to start April than with an April Fool's gift of candies & chocolate from Sophisca!

What is Sophisca?

Hailing from Taiwan, Sophisca is a specialty candy brand that produces quirky and cheeky confectionery. For this upcoming April's Fool, Sophisca launched a collection of “tricking treats” like Brown rice “Sushi Bento”, “crayons” and Chocolate "Colouring Pens"  to make perfect presents to punk friends and family with this April.

Let's have  a look at these "Tricking Treats"!

Brown Rice “Sushi Bento” (玄米壽司便當), $11.90

A party tray consisting 25 chocolate brown rice crispy treats disguised as sushi! These are made with 100% natural brown rice, coated with Belgium-imported white chocolate, that are wrapped individually to ensure freshness and hygiene.

Besides the tray of "Nigiri sushi", I also found a candy tray of a similar concept in Sophisca. I personally like the look of this better, because the candies are shaped and coloured to look like sushi rather than just a use of packaging like the brown rice snacks.

Crayon Candy Sticks (小羊粉蠟筆糖 ), $9.90

These melt-in-your-mouth candies, disguised as "colouring crayons", come in 12 flavours (honey peach, tropical fruit, mandarin orange, pomelo, lemon, green apple, mint, blueberry, grape, strawberry, chocolate and yoghurt) which are reflected in suggestive colours too. Unfortunately, these are not to be used for actual drawing/ colouring.

Choco Colouring Pens (巧克力彩繪筆), $17.90

Out of all the confectioneries in Sophisca, these DIY ‘soft pens’ appealed to me the most! These "colouring pen" comes in six chocolate-flavoured colours that you can use to on your own bakes and sweet treats! Suitable for decorating chocolates, cakes, breads, toasts, biscuits and more! To use, simply warm the chocolate up by placing the tube in a bowl of warm water before drawing!

Besides these 3 featured products, here are some that I found really interesting!
These candies come in either a milk carton or bottle ceramic that will look pretty for storing the candies, flowers or even makeup brushes after!

And out of all the candies I tried, these fruit gummy tasted the best to me. It has the right amount of sweetness and flavour, and these come in a cute fruit box packaging.

Readers' Perks

Win $20 worth of Sophisca Vouchers via Instagram
  1.  Snap a photo of your favourite Sophisca sweets at any of the Sophisca stores and post it on Instagram, telling them why you love that particular candy;
  2. Follow @SophiscaSG and hashtag #iLoveSophisca.
One winner will be picked by random every week.

Discount Code Purchase

Quote "JODULU" at any Sophisca stores during payment and get to enjoy 10% OFF your purchase!
It's that easy!

All of the above contests and promotions will be running from 20 March to 20 May 2016.

Where To Find Sophisca?

Marina Square Shopping Mall, #02-32
Changi Airport T3, #B2-19

Happy Shopping for April Fool's Day!