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K-Palette: 1 Day Tattoo Lasting Eyebrow Tint [Sponsored Review]

Hi Ladies, have you heard?
K-Palette has released the newest addition to their 1 Day Tattoo series, 1 Day Tattoo Lasting Eyebrow Tint!

Transform your brows from sparse to lush or shorten your makeup routine with K-Palette Lasting Brow Tint, follow the trending eyebrow tint to create full and natural-looking brows that will last for days!

Start with a clean, bare face. Following your desired brow shape, apply a generous amount of tint following the hair grain. Remove any stray tint with a damp cotton bud.

Leave It On:
The tint may dry up in 5 minutes. It’s recommended to leave on for a minimum of 2 hours for the tint to last longer. Leave overnight for optimal results that last up to a week!

Peel Off:
Gently peel off the brow tint from the start of the brows. In the case of residue, simply remove with warm water. The eyebrow tint stays on the skin’s outer layer and will naturally fade as the skin regenerates.


Texture: Gum-like gel

Made in Japan for quality assurance.
Brush made from the Kumano prefecture, famed for their traditional brush craftsmanship
Infused with moisturising beauty essences for eyebrow skincare
Comes in 3 different shades, designed to tint for a week

After a week, everything has pretty much faded.
Only the start of the brow has some tint.
Cost: $23 ($22.34 on Beauty Carousel)

Product Rating: 8/10
This product does what it claims, I didn't have to do much with my brows after the tinting. The only thing was that towards the later part of the week (after 3 days), it starts to fade and it ends up patchy so I had to touch up quickly in the morning by filling them in with an eyebrow powder.

With 3 different shades, the colour of the shade does affect how the brows look for the initial 3 days but after that, it will all fade to a similar shade of brown like the 01 Light Brown shade. For best result, leave it on overnight. However, if you are new to such products, I recommend testing it out by leaving it on for 2 hours so that it won't last as long.

Top: 03 Mocha Brown; Middle: 02 Natural Brown; Bottom: 01 Light Brown
I highly recommend all users to have well-groomed brows to use this product so that it will be easier to apply it and for the best results. I mean it will look weird if you have messy brows with stray hairs and a well defined tinted shape! 

If you are new to most makeup, with zero skills, I would advise getting a girlfriend to do this for you. If you have some basic knowledge and skills, then I would advise going free-hand with this product and not to use the stencil provided, it is much easier and less messy!

My Tip to using this:
1) Keep brows well-groomed before tinting
2) Draw free hand, do not use the stencil
3) Press down onto skin when applying so that it doesn't end up patchy
4) Remove any mistakes quickly with a cotton bud soaked with remover
5) Less is always more, it's easier to correct if things are underdrawn rather than overdrawn!]

Hope these help, and if you have tried this out yourself, let me know how it was for you!