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Get Ready With Me: CANMAKE Summer Tinted Series

Do you love Japanese Makeup Products?

So do I, especially if they come in pretty packaging and have the promise of being a little unusual to use! Introducing more CANMAKE products from their latest launch, I created a video of how I incorporate the products to create an everyday makeup look with overly flushed cheeks!

 Here's a quick swatch of the shades and texture of the products, and my personal thought on them:

Wink Glow Eyes 
Contains pretty shimmers in them that also works in adding that additional radiance to the eyes, cheeks, and lips (if you use them they way I do it in my video).
Dries off quickly without budging, but do note that a little goes a long way with this product!

Stay-On Balm Rouge Tint

Adds a very natural colour to the lips, and I love how hydrating it is.
Perfect for a soft sultry look, and the colour is buildable.

Cream Cheek Tint
Has a balm-ish texture that offers quite a lasting flush on the skin but in Singapore's climate, do take note to remove this product properly before sleep!
Comes with a small circle sponge inside for application, using a sponge helps to build the colour up!

Eyebrow Tint Jelly
The best way to use this is to scrape off as much product from the applicator wand as possible and the idea here is to tint the area with sparse hair to darken it for a more natural finish.
Tint stays on for hours, regardless of how hot and humid the weather can be but removes easily with makeup remover!

Quick Airy Eyebrow
Works great together with the Eyebrow Tint Jelly, and as with the paired product, scrape off some product before applying it onto the brows for better application and control.

Here's the finished look!