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Miss Earth 2010 Journey

Looking back, I never thought that I would end up being a finalist for Miss Earth Singapore.

I decided to join this pageant with thoughts that it would be a nice experience to add to the chapters of my life and as something to feed my passion for the environment.

And so far, I am glad to say that I have gain some remarkable memories to add into my tale of "I was once in a pageant with a cause". I have met ladies who are equally enthusiastic about doing their part for Mother Earth, ladies who displayed both brawns and brain and ladies whose friendship i have gained.

Event-wise, I would have to say that it is the National Day Clean Up at Lim Chu Kang Mangove. It opened my eyes to the amount of simple plastic bags as well as the various types of rubbish that could end up on the beach. Such rubbish, affects not only the animals and plants residing in the mangrove, but the water as well. After this event, I was ever more prudent with the use of plastic bags when shopping and I feel that the answer I gave to the judges during my audition was ever more relevant to the improvement that we can make to do our part for the environment then before.

I was asked what actions I would undertake if I win the crown and I answered that I would like to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of the way we depose our rubbish with the use of 3 bins in every household: common bin (for common rubbish); recyclable bin (for recyclable rubbish); and compost bin (for decomposable rubbish).

My suggestion may not result in a huge drastic change of the crisis that we are facing, but I believe that even baby steps take us somewhere.

That's the power of this beauty pageant, it offers ordinary ladies like us a chance to turn our ideas of helping Mother Earth through our own methods into actions.

Please vote for me, I am Contestant No. 6: Jody , at MissEarthSingapore if you think I deserve to win the title of Miss Popularity!

p.s. The Grand Coronation Night will be held at Wavehouse Sentosa on the 14 of Oct, 7pm.