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Clean & Green Singapore: Mr & Miss Earth Teen + Fashion Show!

Went to Anchor Green Primary School today as a Guest Judge for NEA's Clean & Green Singapore: Mr & Miss Earth Teen + Fashion Show!
Look at the turn out!

Check out the dudes~

Now, check out the babes~

It was kind of an honor to be a judge for such an event~ I mean, to think... weeks ago, I was on stage myself, smiling and walking and trying to keep my nerves in control while sounding coherent when answering questions.
Oh! and as an extra experience, I got to judge the Green Fashion Show as well~!!! Moreover, after my previous post about newspaper dresses!!! What are the odds~
The outfits made by some of these students seriously need a standing ovation!
Feast your eyes on their creative designs!

P.s. just a side note, thanks Vanaathy for being my camera lady despite the role not being in her job scope... I was desperate... and i cant move out from my seat to take any of these photos...
Any photographers interested in doing charity work for me? C: heh.