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Let's get girl-ly!

Ever since I got back to Singapore for good & got myself a lovely guy, I have been very "introvert". I dont take the initiative to meet up with good old friends & to organise events/gatherings.

Honestly, my dull anti-social life was taking its toil on me and I really needed to spend time with friends. SO~ when the opportunity arises from Ettusais's Ultimate Makeover Challenge, I jumped on board, took the initiative to seek sister-ship from my fabulous wonderfully hilarious girlfriends to accept this challenge with me. They did and thanks so much, Staphni and Julia for everything today even though all of us are pretty shagged. Haha!

Onwards with photos, from Julia's & Holly Jean's album!


Rules & Regulations + Top 3 Prizes

Team Name + Lots of Makeup & Skincare + Door Gifts+ Gleeful Ladies

So all in all, we had 15 mins of preparatory work
60 mins of makeover
1 min of judging time
and lots of laughter, photos & fun that it doesnt really matter if we didnt win C:

Oh, and I almost forgot!

Look at the yummy yummies!
Almost every ladies favourite!
Photos (taken by this cool photo booth machine that speaks!) that will last a lifetime in our memories
Thanks Ettusais, Panasonic & CLEO for the memories!
Love you babes for your help, time and effort!
Side note: I find this notice below amusing yet meaningful
(whoever thought of this, Brilliant)

SO, just cuz the event ended doesnt mean the gathering ends.

We head over to Cine where there was this campaign with Coke going on to pledge our allegiance to live more actively, which i think is a good reminder to remind lazy people like me to start exercising again!

Then it was dinner and catch up time at Thai Express

Then more chatting, shopping and good times!
What an eventful day!

This is good.
I shall do more of gathering and meeting up once again C: