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My "Natural" Makeup

Products Used

Tools Used


  1. Conceal dark circles and blemishes
  2. BB cream your face
  3. Tight-line top lash area and extend the end by 1mm (dont flick, just a tiny straight line)
  4. Go over the tight-line with a black eyeshadow and smudge the line a little to look less harsh; use the remaining shadow on your lower bottom lash line
  5. Darken and extend tails of eyebrows (I have ultra bushy thick brows, so i tend to be less extreme for this step)
  6. Use the same eyebrow pencil to darken the outer V of eye socket and smudge it
  7. Use a highlight eyeshadow on the center of your eye socket to create some dimension
  8. Curl your lashes; coat on some mascara and brush through your lashes with a clean wand to separate your lashes and achieve a natural lash look
  9. Blush yourself and you are good to go!

Finished Look