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OC Shopping Challenge!

What is it all about?

12 teams of two will be given 80 minutes and $400 worth of shopping vouchers to pull off a stylish makeover

Celebrity judges: Pierre Png, Joanne Peh, Tay Ping Hui and Rebecca Lim

Prize: The winning team will walk away with the top prize of $2,000 worth of OC vouchers

Voters: Each team can invite 6 friends or more to support. Each friend is able to vote for the winning team and stand a chance to win $300 shopping voucher


The voting station

Thank you voters & Sandy for coming down to support me!

Look at the crowd surrounding the stage! I think everyone was excited to meet the judges in person, haha!
Before the challenge started, Leslie and I went around getting familiar with the layout of Orchard Central (It isnt as confusing as people say it is, but it takes a while to figure it out) and the stores that offers the kind of look that we were searching for with the idea that we have to be stylish.

So we (I) tried on a handful of outfits and accessories to find out what will suit me. The experience was one of the most entertaining and fun preparatory work i ever had to do. Who doesnt love shopping!!!

Trying out at Berries, located at level 5-38

I would recommend this shop if you are into Japanese/ Korean fashion.
The sales assistance was really friendly and helpful as well, plus point!

Oooo~ I have to mention this!
I love the concept of this versatile vest from The Reckless, located at level 2-08/09.

When the challenge started, we were given the theme: "Yeah, its Friday" a look that can take you from office to an evening party.

As a team, we decided to head to a different view of the theme and went ahead with an androgynous look instead of the typical dress and heels.

Final outfit:
Racer-back top (inside), bottoms: Berries
Jacket, checkered top & tie: 2 Elements, located at level 5-02
Wedges & Bag: Trendy Zone, located at B1-33/34

Stylist: Leslie
Thanks for this crazy fun-filled experience, your advice and help as my stylist even though you are sick and coughing away!

Sandy, thanks for coming down C:
Means a lot to have someone there~

In the end, team no. 5 won! Congrats! $2000 is pure bliss~

and all the remaining 11 teams went home with $200 worth of Orchard Central vouchers!!!

More shopping!!! Life is sweet.

Finally, I would like to thank Orchard Central & 8 Days for organizing this event and for giving my team the opportunity to participate, Thank you very much!

Side note: Im going for my Lasik Surgery next week! I'm starting to feel the jitters! And ya, I'm pretty blind without my specs. I tried to see without my specs but I couldnt even see the steps of the stage or the faces of anyone 1.5m away from me. Haha~ the tragedy of book lovers.