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Check Up

Headed down to the clinic on Wed to do my pre-operation checkup.

There wasnt really that many people on a weekday so it was a relatively quick process of the normal read-out-the-alphabet; then some weird spiral machine that takes digital images of the surface of my eyeball; and then had had a few eye drops into my eye that numbs and prevents my pupil from contracting.

It is a really weird experience, kinda like experiencing Lau Hua Yan or long sightedness.

I could not focus my gaze and it hurts to look at bright stuff.

But to show you my puss in boots eyes, I had to use flash...

Im not ever going to do it again, the first few shots of me trying to take a photo of my pupils had me blinking hard. It hurts. haha!

But I think I got it:

FYI: Puss in boots!