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Online Purchase (Updated)

Personal note: I am so disappointed with the customer service of Bestbuy World SG!!!
Let me rewind. I bought a few stuff from this webbie a few weeks ago, mostly cosmetics and this clutch. They live up to their name "BEST BUY" because the products are sold at pretty awesome discounted price and you get free delivery when the total amounts to $50 and above... plus, they deliver the products to your doorstep (like literally) within 2 days min.

I am very satisfied with the cosmetic products that I ordered... but~ not so for the clutch.

It has this blue-ish tint at the corners of the clutch and there are discolouration on it. So naturally, I emailed them to inform them of the dissatisfaction I have with the clutch. This was my first contact, I waited for a few days & there was no reply.

So, this time round, I called their customer service hotline. A guy picked up the phone and I told him of the issue with the clutch and the email I sent to inform them about it. He told me that he would check and reply me through an email soon. This is my second contact.

A few days went by, nothing. So I made another call. This time round, a lady answered. I went through the whole process, told her that I emailed and called before. THEN, she told me that there wasnt any record of me contacting them and proceed who was it that I contact before etc. and said that she will transfer my call to (i think) person in charged... but she came back to tell me that the person was on the other line, so she will call me back later.

She never did.

Then it was weekends and then I was too occupied in between to call them due to my workshop & being sick until today.

So I called, for the FORTH time, and the same guy picked up. By now, I'm a pro. I knew what they would ask (my order no.) and told them my issue. He recalled and said that he remembers my problem (geeh~ really? then why hasnt there been any action done?) and transferred my call to another lady who has no idea what was going on. So I explained my issue with the clutch with broken voice (due to my sore throat) and after all that, she asked me if I could speak in mandarin (I can but not up to the standard to describe the issue in mandarin)

It was so frustrating, at that point, I wished I was more talented in my mother tongue. So we did our best to understand each other and she told me that she will send a dispatch man to come over to my place to collect the clutch, have a look at it back at her office, make a decision if they can exchange it and notify me.

Product Genuineness: 8/10 (I would have given full marks if not for the clutch)
Product Range: 7/10 (They have a well stocked up range of selection)
Delivery time: 10/10 8/10 [compared to blogshops] (they have this system that allows you to choose the range of time of delivery, which made it feel a tad bit like waiting for santa by the chimney rather than waking up to find the present under the tree C:)

[Docked off points for their exchange delivery]
Customer Service: 1/10 0.5/10 (All of them had their customer service tone in check but the lack of follow up & empty reply-promises is really horrible! Please do something about the quality of your customer service if you really want to be the Best)

[Docked off points for their lack of follow up and once again, empty promises]

Repeat Purchase: Maybe NO [After their continuous poor customer service, no thanks]

Other products bought: CLINIQUE- Vitamin C Lip Smoothie Set & Colour Surge Eye Shadow Quad With Brush and Estee Lauder- Pure Color Eyeshadow & Signature Silky Powder Blush Set

---New Updates on their HORRIBLE service--

Just went I hoped and prayed that getting them to reply me was the worse part of their service, I was wrong.

Firstly, the pick-up guy came at the wrong timing that we had agreed on (Luckily, my brother was home to help me).

Secondly, after picking it up and giving them a few days to arrive to a decision of whether or not they will do an exchange for me... there was totally no follow up or news from them!

I had to call them personally again and went through the whole process of telling them the issue and the current situation & quote them my order number, before they went Oh~ ya, and exchange will be made. May I know when do you want it to be delivered?

WOW~ thanks for the notification that I had to inquire on my own and the total lack of follow-up.

Never mind that, this morning they called to tell me that their delivery man had too much to deliver and is too busy to deliver my clutch. Seriously? After we agreed on the date and time, only now then you tell me that your man is too occupied?!