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SOE Fundraising Golf Challenge 2011

On 30th June, Miss Earth lend a hand to SOE for their Findraising Golf Challenge!
The event started bright and early in the morning for the golf challenge until the wee hours of nightfall with a continuous Fundraising Dinner!

Check out the photos!

Honestly, I never regretted joining Miss Earth Singapore. I met lots of lovely ladies who are still in contact with me and I believe, I can say that our friendsship and sisterhood is still going strong.

And it is in the name of friendship and sisterhood that we (Maricelle and I) performed together to help raise more funds for SOE. I believed within that few minutes of performing, we raised $400.

Oh! And I want to personally thank the guy at the back for picking up his courage and iphone to sing for my performance!

... And my favourite unglam shot of that day!

The funny thing is, I have no idea what we were doing when this was taken...
...were we asking for someone to up come on stage to sing for me?

Regardless, I love Celle's megawatt smile!

Ending off, here is our group shot!~ Thank you Bioskin for your lovely products!