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Viccal-100% natural actives skincare solutions

My constant battle with acne, scars, eczema and sensitive skin has been vexing me ever since I was 14 years of age. Puberty was a nightmare as I grew up, looking at mirrors was downright depressing and washing my face only brought up memories of its past smoothness.

Well, it has been a bumpy road, but I have finally found what works best for me.

"It came in an envelope, sent with love from Viccal"

"With no alcohol, artificial fragrances, colourants, fillers, preservatives or ingredients like plastics and silicones, our products combine only actives according to their natural benefits in concentrations that are most efficacious to balance, protect, heal or renew your skin. "- Viccal

I decided to try out the sample and was delighted with the results. I saw a difference in my skin, it was less angry with me and a few days later, it felt smoother. My skin felt at peace. There wasnt any major breakouts (I still have blemishes but none ready to wreak havoc) and my skin didnt felt any negative reaction to the ingredients.

Then, after a few weeks of testing and voicing out my interest to join them for their tea party; I got invited to join other local bloggers for a session.

Thank You, Bloggers' Event on June 21 at
If you are ever looking for a place to just chill or search for interesting funky items, this is THE place to go to.

Note: it's located outside the building, turn left after ascending the stairs.

-Viccal Introduction by the passionate PD, Vicky-

She was a really down to earth, straight forward & inspiration woman who revealed the dark secrets of the skincare and cosmetic industry in general. By now, with the wonderful magic of Google, we all know that most brands tells us things we want to hear with photoshopped photos, in the name of marketing AND that in most products, harmful ingredients are added to cut cost or fake temporary beauty looks.

Such were the reason why Vicky decided to start up Viccal and that her products are made of 100% natural actives. It was also really heartwarming to find out that she was also implementing green measures to their business, such as recycling in the office, using recycled materials for their packaging (scroll up and take a look at the product box) and producing locally (hence, lowering carbon emission).

She even took the time to side down with all of us to discuss about our skin type and to recommend which serum would be best for our skin, besides just chilling and engaging us with random beauty talks.

-Glōminerals Introduction by the lovely MUA, Francis-

Aside from Viccal product, Glōminerals was there to talk about mineral makeup and demonstrate the makeup application of it. I was pretty lucky that night, I was selected to be the makeup model of that night and to try out, first hand, the product on my skin.

-Mineral Makeup Demonstration-

I had a fun time up there on the chair while Francis was going through the benefits of mineral makeup. He was really gentle on my face and eyes throughout the demonstration after I informed him of my lasik surgery. Thank you for being so considerate! You are Awesome!

However, I am kind of bumped out to report that my skin riot against Glōminerals makeup. My skin breakout the way it does when it doesnt agree with certain ingredients. Although, I am pleased to say that the problem went away 3 days later with a heavier combined dose of No 1.10 and 2.11!

All in all, if I have to describe how the tea party went that evening... it would be:

Yummylicious Food

Wonderful Ladies

Awesome Company

Unforgettable Experience