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My reign has ended, but not my journey

On the night of 2011 coronation last Friday, people were asking me how I felt knowing that my reign was coming to an end and having the need to pass my crown on to the next Miss Earth Air.

Honestly, I felt the way I did on my own coronation. Anxious, excited and a tad bit nervous; wondering who will be the next group of Green Ambassadors. The only difficulty i experienced, handing my crown over, was trying to get it out from my hair, on stage! To me, the crown and slash may represent who the winner of the title is, but it is the individual that gives meaning and purpose to the symbolic representation of Miss Earth.

My reign has ended, but my journey continues through my friendship with the lovely ladies that I have known through Miss Earth; through my time spent volunteering for Avelife; and through my company, Green Docent.

Thank you, Miss Earth Singapore for giving me the opportunity to gain all that I have achieved, thus far.