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What does makeup mean to you?

To me,

"Makeup is woman's war paint. When you head into battle, you must wear it. If you cry your makeup will run. No matter how little you applied, your face will end up looking disgraceful. That's why no matter how hard things get you definitely can't cry."

It is a source of courage, confidence and empowerment.

However, with that being said... There is a fine line between no makeup and too much makeup.

1) No Makeup

It is perfectly fine to be al naturale. In fact, I discourage girls to use them(Girls being: females under 18). Dont yearn to grown up too fast, enjoy your youth, innocence and healthy looking skin (yes, acne are signs of youth too: Puberty!).

However, once you reach the period of your life where you need to work, a tad bit of makeup can make you appear more professional (and refresh).

2) A healthy slap on of colours

If you are in your early adulthood and you have ridiculously good skin, skip foundation. A very wise mature lady revealed to me that foundation is actually an evil product, almost like the devil. It promises and allow you to achieve flawless beauty temporarily but in reality, it is blocking oxygen to your face and sucking youth out from your face.

If you want to correct uneven skin tone, establish a good skincare routine and fake it with loose powders or mineral makeup.

A hint of eye shadow is healthy, a clean line of eyeliner is fine but try to get product that uses natural dyes for their colouring and remove them the moment you get home. Ivy from Jane Iredale informed me that the discolouration around your eyes (yes, that brownish hint)is the result of chemical dyes in our makeup, that tint our skin over time. I have it too, wish I knew that when I was younger.

It applies to lipsticks and glosses too, so I guess chemical free is the way to go.

3) Colour Overload

I get it if you are trying to achieve that party smokey look, but you need to know when to stop before you end up looking trashy. Mask of foundation, hairy caterpillars and highly pigmented eye makeup look is not very attractive, supported by a handful of men I have spoken too.

None of them like the stereotypical look that young teenage girls have when we hit the club. Turnoff and gross were the two common vocab used.

So ladies, let's tone down a notch and aim for a balance.