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Best Model Of The World Singapore 2011- Zouk 27 Oct

Hey Everyone, I just got back from the 2nd Best Model of The World preview at Zouk! There arent a lot of photos, so just some quick shots for a quick peak at what transpired tonight.

Honestly, it was my first time walking as a model down a runway and I really did practice for it every night. Haha! But I still need to work on my walk a tad bit more. I have a weird curve in my spine so it takes me extra effort and conscious to pull my spine up and level it that I end up sticking my head out... haha~ So yes, more practice.

Ok, enough chit chat. Here is a sneak peak of the guys in swimwear! Dont drool!

Hot huh~ Oh! and if you are free the next 3 days ( 28/29/30 Oct), please head down to Marina Square and support us! We will be running a mini campaign with one of our sponsors, Maxi-Tone/ Maxi-Muscles from 1pm to 6pm. There will be guys~and babes! So say Hi; take a pic; or stay and chat!