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Best Model Of The World Singapore 2011- Wavehouse

Hah~ I have been busy busy busy! Just last saturday, there was a preview held at Wavehouse, Sentosa for all 24 contestants. We donned both beach wear and swim wear by NewUrbanMale for the preview.

Preparation and Rehearsal started in the morning from 10am! So we got our hair and makeup done while chilling out by the beach and watched people surf at Wavehouse.

And of course, we did a few photo taking here and there.

Then it was show time and there was a crowd by the stage. First segment was beach wear. Luckily thanks to previous experience, I wasnt that nervous as I used to be in front of people, on the stage anymore. (Side Track)My mum told me that when I was still a child, I did something like a children fashion show with my sister and when I got up on stage and in front of everyone, I started crying! Haha~ Of course, I have no recognition of that experience, so I guess either it was too traumatizing or I was really really young.

Then after that, it was swim wear where we donned bikinis and the guys trunks~

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Peace out!

Photos and video from Facebook and!