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Meltie! Original Ice-Cream Melting Cleanser [Sponsored Review]

I am certain by now, with all the buzz about Meltie on the virtual world, you would more or less know what I am talking about. So without further ado, I bring you my review on Meltie!

I was sponsored 3 tubs of Meltie in all their different "flavors":

Strawberry Meltie
Lemon Meltie
Aloe Vera Meltie

and I will be using Aloe Vera for my review.

So why am I doing a review about Meltie? Well, because of what it is:

In today's society, we are getting more and more cautious about the product we apply and consume (because we are wiser). I have been searching for products that are less harmful to our body AND to the environment. 100% Organic, No Artificial list got my attention.

Texture: Feels creamy but turns slightly lathery once in contact with water

Benefits: Organic (Gentle on environment); Dermatological tested (gentle on skin); ophthalmology tested (safe on eyes); Non Comedogenic; Prevents breakouts; Acts as both a makeup remover and a daily cleanser.

Smell: Fruity scent (Aloe Vera)

Cost: $28.90 (Online Price + Delivery Cost); and Meltie will soon be available at all SaSa outlets from November at an introductory price of $23.90!

Product Rating: 8/10

As a cleanser, I felt that it really does as what the product claims. My skin felt clean and soft without any "tight skin" drying sensation; and my (sensitive) skin didnt breakout or have any negative reaction to it. So yipee!

As a makeup remover, I found that it does not remove waterproof mascara that well as it claims and if the product enters into your eye, it stings. However, as a face makeup remover, I found that it works perfectly fine and efficiently. Overall, if you are looking for a product that has 2 in 1 properties for those lazy nights, when you have a face full of makeup and you want to hit the bed asap OR a cleanser OR a makeup removal for your face, Meltie is for you. But I would not recommend Meltie for the removal of your eye makeup.

So now, if you know about the video of the permanent marker test that Meltie used to illusrate the effectiveness of their product, you will understand what I am talking about. If you dont~ then please take the next 4 minutes to view the video directly below first!

After watching that video and finding out that it doesnt really remove waterproof mascara that well as it claims, I see it as a challenge to test Meltie out, in regards to the permanent ink test!

And what do you know, I was impressed that I managed to get the ink out easily and effectively. I used a mist bottle because I was filming in the comfort of my own room, but in reality, please wash your face in the toilet. Thank you.

Keep your eyes peeled for something exciting soon!