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A few things I have learnt

I am not an experienced or a professional model, I merely have a few experience that I can count with 1 hand (Namely: Miss Earth, Asean Tv Charm, Best Model of the World). However, during my journey down this path, I learnt a few lessons that I thought you ladies might gain from it as well (if not, it serves as an entertaining information)

1. Visible Bra Strap- BIG No No.

Yes, we all know about Visible Panty Lines and how unsightly it can be; same goes for Bra Straps. Unless it's a fashion statement that you are trying to achieve, visible bra strap is a no no and it screams "Tacky!".

If you want to bare your lovely shoulders with a strapless top/dress or go sleeveless: invest in a good strapless bra; get bra tops (basically, a top with a strap and cups sewn inside to support your prized jiggles); or get a stick-on bra (very common and affordable nowadays).

Uniqlo had some really awesome Bra top during the Summer/Spring season but they stopped manufacturing it already (Management of Uniqlo, if you are reading this: BRING IT BACK!!! please~)

As for those stick-on bras, they work pretty good as well but the con of it is when you start perspiring in this climate; once it's wet, it wont be able to stick until dried. So far, it hasnt dropped out all of a sudden for me (Touch wood). It does take a few tries to get it positioned the way you want your rack to look but after wearing it a few times, you will get a hang of it.

2. Cleansing/ Removal of Makeup
Ok, before you go: " You skin is perfect" at me... Let me tell you now, my skin is far from that. Haha! It's the wonders of makeup, lighting and cameras of poor quality.

I have a history of acne during my teens but thankfully, it ended the start of this year (End of puberty for me) and now, I still have sensitive skin. So I had a tough time growing up, being mocked and all, but I learnt a few lessons from it.

1) Use products that contains no harsh chemicals/ that are gentle to your skin
2) Use products that are for your skin type, and use the right product for the occasion
3) Be as gentle to your skin as possible when washing.

With that being said, as a model, we get layers thick of makeup on our face. With my skin being so sensitive, I have developed the habit of cleansing my face thoroughly and I think everyone should as well... but take note not to over-cleansed.

3. Image

One of the valuable lesson that I learnt is remembering how we appear and how we carry ourselves in public, with social media in play in our generation, all the more we have to be aware of the way we behave and what we post on our and our friends' various social media page. This lesson isnt just for people in the limelight, but also to everyone.

I had the good fortune to meet and speak to Ms Tin on more than one occasion and, I can honestly tell you she isnt what the media makes her to be. She shared with me about the Kate Spade incident, it was stolen from her friend's photo album from Facebook; yet she does not blame her friend and has moved on from this experience.

Things happen, we are human and the media can make pigs fly. But the lesson learnt here is valuable: Be mindful of the way you are in public and on the internet. If things do happen, smile and move on gracefully.