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With less than 24 hours to 2012, I reckon that now is a good time to look back on 2011 and reflect a year's worth of experience and lessons. So, let me get started from the day I turned 21...

It was a night to remember for sure~ I held it at One Degree 15 and invited family, friends, crazy buddies and my love~! I lived my few hours of being a "vampire" with custom made fangs from USA; laugh, live and felt loved.

My family and love

The crazy climbers: my second family

Lovely BFs who were always there for me when I needed help with my mandarin!
(and the forever teeko yx *sob* [jking~])

Then there was this 10 days of my life that changed things for me and I gained a lot of unforgettable friends, memories and experience: ASEAN TV CHARM 2011 in Vietnam.

The competition was aired on their local channel and we were literally followed by cameras. We had bodyguards when we went out and people recognizes us. I was there alone and yet never felt more comfortable.

I had to overcome my stage fright and danced in front of people (without any dance background) on stage, on live tv.

But with that being said, I gained confidence to just be daring and to perform. If I was my past, I wouldnt have believe that at the age of 21, I would be the person I am today. I danced again for SOE Fundraising Dinner and (if i'm not mistaken) Miss Earth 2010 and I raised $400 from our performance.

Wouldnt, in a million years, think that I would be that daring and thick skin. My mum told me that I once cried on stage during a children show... I was supposed to walk onto stage to showcase some outfit... and I freaked out! Haha~

Oh! Then are the moments when I got to live my dreams~

I conducted my first workshop for my business.

I conducted a session on water conservation with some children...

who were all very excited during the brainstorming session.

I was a Beauty Queen who believed in her cause...

and even though I had to pass on the reign, I sure did have fun and gained a lot with my fellow winners!

I got to try out modelling through BEST MODEL OF THE WORLD 2011...

And I would like to give thanks to Eddie for everything I have today from my Miss Earth days, if it wasnt for the opportunity that you have given me, I wouldnt have gained so much!

And now, I'm living my dream of being a model through +3 Productions! Never in a million years would I think that I will be where I am today when I was still a geeky tomboy~

And (I know, I am using way too many "Ands") through my experiences and my blogs, that I would be invited to grace events such as Fan di Fendi's launch! Of course, I have to give tons of credits and thanks to my good friend Dhillion for the opportunity too~!

However, with that being said, 2011 was also filled with loss and all that negative feelings...

I ended my longest relationship. I guess, things weren't turning out the way we envision it to be with clashing beliefs, ideas and personalities plus the long distance. It was too much for me to bear... nevertheless, thank you for ever loving me and for letting me go. Please be ever more successful and let's be happy in life.

I lost my dog... She was a reminder of success in turning my life around from a childish kid to a hardworking student. She was my companion when I'm sad and lonely... she was mine.

I lost her to Life when she suddenly gotten way too ill to even walk... it was all too sudden and I had to make the toughest decision ever in my life a few days later to put her to sleep to end her pain and suffering.

Smiling for this photo was the hardest thing I had to do, but I wanted the moment to be pleasant... because the procedure wasn't. I felt life leaving her and it was all because of my decision but it was that or she suffers until death comes.

and a few days later, my grandfather departed the world...

I would have gone mentally crazy and emotionally unstable to the max, if it wasnt for a handful of friends who came all the way to comfort me and was there for me when I am at my lowest.

even after 20 days later, you guys were there for me...

and once again on Xmas eve and Xmas too~ Seriously, thank you very much~! It is the first time in my life when I truly do feel like I am not alone in this world with friends like all of you, making me laugh and stuff. I feel the love!

Of course, I have to thank my family as well for all that I have today. Wouldnt be where I am, if it wasnt for them too~

So, self reflection time on lessons learnt from 2011:
  1. Always be grateful and thankful.
  2. True friends stay through thick and thin, Treasure them.
  3. Have no doubts, just live your dream.
  4. Learn to forgive and let go.
  5. Live each day with no regrets.
  6. Learn to move on after setbacks.
And lastly, life is a learning journey full of ups and downs. Toughen up. Love hard. Live happily.

Welcome 2012