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The Illusionists @ MBS

There has been some hype so far on Tv of The Illusionists.

Well~ Guess what?!~

I went to watch it with my mum today!

I once saw David Copperfield performed. David Copperfield was and is mind-blowing~ His illusions are SUPER impressive, I dub him a magician, through and through. Haha! Honestly, I am a skeptic when it comes to magic~so with The Illusionists, they get away with it simply by calling themselves illusionists. I got to say that overall the performance were very entertaining and super funny at certain acts, especially those with audience.

My favourite was The Anti-Conjurer,Dan Sperry! I like his creepy vibes and the way he engages his audience. He made my mum very nervous in her seat. Haha!!!

The Mentalist is impressive too~ I still cant figure out or form a somewhat logical reason behind his performance! Haha! Oh! and The Escapologist~ Nice body!!~ Hahahaha!! He got my mum cringing in her seat as he tries to free himself. Awesome~ Haha! My mum is way too cute~! Thanks, mummy for the show!