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29 Feb 2012- Leap Day

Leap Day was pretty cool for me~

My dad returned from Australia this morning and he left a box by my bed, I remember seeing his face in the morning but I was too sleepy to wake up. The second time I saw him, he was poking his head through my door and smiled. He pointed out the box to me and asked me to open it.

By then, I was more or less awake and did as instructed. This was what was inside:

A teapot set! Then he continued by asking if I was ok with it and that he couldnt find the one that I wanted to get the other time I was there and this is his present for my birthday... I told him it is great~ in my head, I was super duper touched and happy but I just woke up and reactions were kinda retarded.. haha!

He closed the door and went out. It took me 5 mins later to realised that my reaction was kinda muted and I didnt express my happiness and gratefulness well, so I went out to hug him. I honestly and truly felt loved. This teapot means a lot to me due to the history behind getting a teapot, his effort and reasoning behind this gift. Thank you, Daddy!

The good vibes continued at evening when I met up with a close girlfriend of mine for the Titanic Exhibition at the ArtScience Museum at MBS.

Side Track: Cool Mega Huge Heels!

Best part of all, we entered for free!~ Dont judge me, I'm a true Singaporean!

And I got myself a "First Class" cup and saucer after the exhibition. Love it~

Photography isnt allowed in the exhibition so I have no pictures to share, just words. It's a pretty wordy exhibition, lots to read about the artifacts, bios of the passengers, history etc. It is pretty depressing actually, thinking about how lives were lost and how creepy fate works. More than a handful of them werent supposed to be on Titanic, but due to coal strike; a request and their duty, they ended up on Titanic.

Many more lives could have been saved if not for the decisions of those in charged to have insufficient lifeboats and ill-prepared emergency evacuation preparations.

Nevertheless, Titanic is a beauty itself.

If you are free, I would recommend you to go~ Tickets are selling at $20 +15% Off for Singaporeans.