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Movie Preview by OMY SG: Flowers of War

Recently, I have been selected to attend the Preview screening of FLOWERS OF WAR starring Academy Award winner Christian Bale, courtesy of Shaw Theatres and Omy!

The Flowers Of War, directed by Zhang Yimou, is about a Westerner who finds refuge with a group of girls and prostitutes in a church during Japan's rape of Nanking in 1937. Posing as a priest, he attempts to lead the girls to safety.

Having grown up listening to tales of Japaneses Occupation period in Singapore, told by my grandparents, I have always felt their fear and sadness attached to their childhood. It was in their eyes. We all heard tales of people being beheaded, stabbed and shot; women raped, brutally; heros lost... In this movie, Yimou, managed to portray the truth of a war. War is downright depressing, bloody and crazy. But it is within the chaos where courage, fear, sadness, love, hatred are displayed.

If war movies are the kind of movies you like to watch, Flowers of War definitely has its battle moments cleverly woven into the scene by Major Li, who was with the last few remaining Chinese soldiers in Nanjing, risking their lives and forgoing their chance to return home to save the girls that were being chased by Japanese soldiers.

But the core of the movie revolves around the females, both groups of students and prostitutes, and their plan to leave Nanjing alive while avoiding being caught, raped and killed by Japanese soldiers with the help of a western mortician posing as a priest.

My favourite cast out of all, has got Yu Mo. I couldnt take my eyes off her every time she appears on screen. Besides being really pretty, there is something mystic and sensual about her that attracts my attention. Haha~

Just a honest heads up, that overall, I felt really depressed after watching the movie. Mostly due to the way the movie ended and just the brutal fact of how war is... but well, it reminds us of how lucky and fortunate we are now, living in a country free from war.

That being said, I think I will be picking up a new book to read soon~