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Hi hi, been out of the blogging cycle for awhile due to my work and the little growth at my eyelids.. Haha! the most common comment on it was "Look at naked guys right~"!

In the end, I had to do a minor operation to remove the pus. It was pretty gross and cool at the same time, too bad I couldnt see it. My doctor was super awesome, you cant see the stitches at all and it has healed up neatly! Guess, I have overactive oil glands.

As for work, I did a show the other day at Isetan Scots for Re-style. It was a section in Isetan that has apparels, shoes and accessories produced by local designers. Here are some of my photos!

I love the outfit by OwnMuse!

Besides, modelling~ I have been busy with my own business!!! I've been going around Singapore to various schools to conduct a talk on water conservation. The funny thing is if you tell me 5 years ago that I will be doing what I'm doing now, I would laugh nervously and say not possible. I have conducted workshop on Rock Climbing during my secondary school days but not in assembly talk size and on a stage with a mike! There really is joy and pride doing what you love, work doesnt feel like work at all and there is no nerves.

Work aside, I have been attending fashion shows and going to new shop openings. The latest one that I went was to support Evenodd at Parco, Millenia Walk with a fellow model friend who modeled recently for their latest collection. Here are the photos, enjoy!

Signing off, Jody!