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MFW 2012: 21 April

I had the opportunity to attend MFW 2012 because I have a few of my fellow +3 Models walking for the shows! It was my first time attending MFW or any of such Fashion event and there was an immense pressure to dress up for the occasion. 

 In the end, I made a decision to stray away from dresses and wore pants instead, with a green corset top; my DIY Fringe collar; my navy faux leather jacket and my awesome awesome heels, Jeffrey Campbell's Night Walker

And never would I have guess that I would be selected for Best Dress Award and win!!!

I give all the credit to my crazy heels!!! Haha! And perhaps to the colour combination of my outfit... 

Nevertheless, thanks for awarding me as the Best Dress (Female), I am really honored by it.

Reckless Ericka

The concept of the show was the that the guys were to look like females and the ladies as males, so there were guys with wigs and females in soft suits. I love the use of texture, pattern and colour! 

Here are 2 of my favourite outfits!

As you can tell, I have a thing for soft long flowing outfits~ Haha!

Arh~ Not to forget, Ian with his long mane! He has come a long way from our Best Model days and I love how he came out on the runway with his walk! He has mastered the wind in the hair look effortlessly~ I am proud of you!


Provocative with see-through, body hugging designs and a few worthy for Singapore's wet weather! Haha!
Here are 2 outfits that I like~

There is something military and matrix-ish about the outfits that appeals to me!

And another friend of mine, Aaron, also from +3 Models and my Best Models days!
Well done and congrats, Aaron!! 

 Ending off with a group photo of my fellow +3 Models, friends and Founders/Creative Directors of Evenodd and 2HB!

Photos from self and Superadrianme!
p.s. sorry for the slightly blur grainy photos, Iphone doesnt work that well in the dark! Haha~