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Just a thought: Grandfather Road

By now, I am pretty sure most of you are aware of the hype regarding the "GrandFather Road" Vandalism.

If not, read here

Sure vandalism is a crime and everything, and many are talking about the harsh implications her actions have resulted and that she deserved it despite her work being really creative, humorous and real.  

I chanced up this sticker before the news about it came up, and took a photo of it because I thought that it was funny. Panic Button coined the acts of people pressing this button really well~ It reflects impatience and urgency almost to a point of panic.

If you are Singaporean, then I am sure you are no stranger to the term "My grandfather road" that everyone uses when we j-walk. This and other art works, all highlight a very key issue with regards to our road safety...Which in recent events (the accidents at Bugis & all unreported accidents), only makes this act of vandalism a true voice of a wake-up call. It makes people think (or at least me) about the meaning of these "act of vandalism" when I saw it as I was about to cross the road.

But if you ask me, she should have made this into a campaign with LTA or something, to remind people to be careful on the road, dont take things for granted and seriously, a little patience doesnt kill. That way, she wouldnt have been in the state that she is in...