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TK TrichoKare- Hair and Scalp Centre (Cozycot) [Sponsored Review]

Troubled with post natal hair loss, post menopause hair loss, diffuse hair loss, or hair loss due to excessive chemical treatment??? 

Personally, I have pretty oily scalp and my dad always joke around saying things like, "wah! you went for chemo ar? Why so many hair lying around your room?!" sigh... yes, I loose hairs by a grab-ful.

Recently mentioned in May's Women's Weekly Magazine, TK TrichoKare is here to save the day!

TK TrichoKare, a holistic hair and scalp centre, specialized in treating Women Hair Problems uses European Herbal Remedies to aid in relieving our "hair"ache issues (pun intended).   

TK TrichoKare, is founded by a Trichologist and a Herbalist, making them the only one in this industry with this combination! Developed in Europe, TK TrichoKare has a whole range of hair and scalp treatments for hair problems, scalp disorders and hair texture problems using European herbs. 
To find out more on the various herbs, click here

Designed to appeal to TK TrichoKare's main patrons (females), the interior designs of TK TrichoKare are soft, neat and feminine.

I actually mistaken it for a Spa Centre at my first glance. 
That aside, I am here today to talk about my experience and the efficiency of the treatment done on myself.
So, let me begin from the top.

Before the cause of my "hairy issue" can be treated, I was asked to filled up a profile application form about my daily routine, products used, medical condition and my areas of concern in relations to my scalp and hair.

Then the staff did a diagnosis of my scalp and hair condition... erm, the photo that are about to follow will be kind of freaky...

After the diagnosis, the staff explained the condition and health of my scalp and hair growth, along with basic information of how our hair normally grows and the causes of certain type of hair/scalp problems.

As you can see from the photo, I have blocked pores but a relatively healthy hair count and my hairs are pretty strong on its own.

After the diagnosis, the type and stages of treatment for my concerns were explained to me before proceeding to the "treatment" area.

Step 1: Scalp Mask Detox Treatment for Greasy Scalp

As per the description above, this clay-based mask was brushed onto my scalp and I got to say that I really love the smell of it. Having been to such treatment before with another centre that uses traditional chinese herbs, european herbs are definitely more pleasant smelling and less pungent than tcm herbs! Haha~

Step 2: Botanical Hair Wash

This step was one of most relaxing experiences for me out of the whole procedure! My head felt squeaky clean after the mask and the awesome hair wash. I'm unsure if I am the only one... but I love getting my hair washed in salons on a normal basis due to the way they massage and lather up the hair. The Tk's staff  who washed my hair put "AWE" in awesome. Her massages are at the right spot at the right time, I was moaning with pleasure (in my head). Haha!

Step 4: Scalp Restoration Treatment

So, after the wash, I was brought back to my seat and had a heated aromatic shoulder pad placed on me before the same staff did a good few minutes neck rub for me.

Then she proceed with working their Purifying Hair Lotion into my scalp with a stimulating massage targeting the different acupuncture points. 

I was pretty much in Heaven spiritually for a good 10 mins there about, through out the whole process~ and after the massage, I got my hair blow dried.

Final Step: Warm Light Treatment

The last and final step uses light therapy to boost the scalp's collagen! As the name, implies it felt warm~!


Time: It took around an hour for the entire treatment, which is still more or less the norm.

Effectiveness: My scalp felt cleaner and evident from the photo images, it most certainly did unclog my pores. However, I only did 1 treatment so I cant comment on its effectiveness in my core issues. My scalp still do get pretty oily in our hot climate and I am still dropping hair by a grab-ful.


Pictures speak a thousand words... so from the Before photos, the blockages are very obvious! It kinda freaks me out knowing that real up close, my scalp looks this gross... Hahahaha~


These photos are still freakish looking but~ at least the blockages are gone!~

Here is a very clear photo of my unblocked pore!

Service: The staffs are all very friendly and I got to say that the scalp massage is really good!

Vibes from the shop: The interior designs of the shop appeals to me as a female, not only that, teas like rose hip, jasmine and green tea are offered to patrons. There are magazines catered to females for reading to during the treatment. The heated aromatic shoulder pad is a plus point too~

Other thoughts:  I like the fact that the treatment uses European herbs, it smells really good besides being as effective as tcm herbs. Despite targeting women as their main clients, I noticed that there were quite a handful of men seeking treatment in TrichoKare too. There was even a couple who came in and had their treatment together, side by side! How sweet~

That being said, TK TrichoKare is kind enough to arrange a special offer for my readers: