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Wanderlust Getaway: Wellington Street Art Scene

Street art is a common sight in Wellington if you open your eyes to spot them, some are quite clever with a hidden message, others look really cute or funky.

Hidden in this quiet lane, just off a path to the side of a public carpark, lies walls and walls of Graffiti and it was here that I did my very first #OOTD series in Wellington, New Zealand.

Jersey Halter Knit Top - Wardrobemess
HEATTECH Crew Neck Long Sleeve T-Shirt - Uniqlo
Ceci Pleated Front Trousers - Zalora
HEATTECH Leggings - Uniqlo
Fall Over Border Coat - Zalora
Red Possum Wool Scarf - Hand-knitted by BF's Mum
Black Sling Bag - Bought by my mum from Hong Kong
Wendy Oxford shoes - Schulicious

Now, what most of you may not be able to tell was that I was pretty high up for these few shots of me with the yellow street art behind me and all that I have to stand on what this metal structure. Why did I climb so high up? I guess I was influenced by the rebellious vibes of the place and I wanted to show off my oxford shoes from Schulicious! It's been awhile since I last owned an oxford, and this one is just classic~

On a whole, on my first day back in Wellington, it's still as windy and cold as I remembered it to be but it was made warmer with my dearest who brought me around and showed me the quirky side of this "supposedly" quiet and dull town.

Like the famous Bucket Fountain that was created in such a way that the buckets regularly tip the water out onto the pavement, rather than into the buckets below and the pipes that fill the top buckets were deliberately made short so that on windy days a lot of water gets blown away before reaching the buckets.

Just to clarify, I did not get wet but I was very skeptical when Jonny asked me to stand nearer...

Oh! And I want to rave about the coat of this OOTD, because I got it at a good bargain with the use of a discount code for Zalora purchase! It was really hesitant to get a coat from Zalora because most of the apparels are catered to Singapore's climate and I was quite doubtful of this coat's ability to keep me warm. But the description stated that it would and it came with a hoodie, so I took the gamble. 

In short,
best shopping gamble ever!

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