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Picasso: My Virgin Experience with Perms [Sponsored Review]

2 weeks ago, I had the opportunity to get my hair done by the up and coming Hair Salon in Haji Lane, Picasso Hair Studio.

Since its inception late last year, Picasso Hair Studio have been gaining a reputation for its hair perming and hair colouring art services. SO like a true beauty blogger, I had to try their service out!

Location & Contact No.
39 Haji Lane
Tel: 6291 0691

Opening Hours
Mon-Sun, 11am to 9pm

Before: It was a perfect timing for a new haircut/hairstyle because my hairstyle has lost its shape and was starting to look dull.


Picasso’s Welcome
Choose your drink from a selection of drinks and receive a warm hand towel with hand cream!

Understand your scalp and hair
Picasso's hair designers will do a through diagnosis of your scalp and hair.

Understand your face shape for the best hairstyle
Picasso's hair designers will analyze your face shape to determine the best haircut/perm/rebond to complement your face shape.

Design your hairstyle with Picasso's stylist
Picasso's hair designers will discuss and design a hairstyle for your according to you preference and lifestyle.

Transformation At Work
Work in Progress

We got started with a wash first before I got my haircut.
Then it was the application of a pre-chemical lotion (a protein spray) to protect and strengthen hair before the softening process that preps the hair for curling. I had the curling rollers on for roughly 22 minutes before the curls were shaped and styled with a flat iron. Then it was time to set the curls with a solution for another 20 minutes before it was washed it off and ended with a hair treatment to seal things off.

Aftercare Tips & Photo Time

Picasso's hair designer will take some time to share some basic aftercare requirements for your hairstyle. Once done, hop over to their photo area in front of their wall mural for a quick photoshoot to be part of Picasso's collection of hairstyles.


Duration: A little more than 4 hours for a haircut and a combination of styling and rebounding perm.

Ambiance: It has a very clean artsy feel to the whole salon because that is their concept! I like how the mirror is set on an easel-inspired table and our finished look is the "Art Piece".

Service: I was very pleased with the greeting I got from the moment I stepped into the salon. I was warmly greeted, given a drink menu to choose a beverage of my choice that was served in a very interesting "cup", and served with a warm hand towel tray with a hand cream.

Once I was seated and ready to start on my transformation, Jeremy, the hair designer that was assigned to me start the process by finding out what I wanted for my new look and gave his recommendation based on my face shape, condition of my hair and scalp and drew it out on the consultation slip. 

He was very meticulous in explaining to me the process, and in ensuring me that it was not the final look of the perm until we were really done. Plus, he even checked if I was hungry and served me milo and some snacks to munch on.

I love the extra step taken by Picasso to ensure that once their customer walks out of the door, they can always return if they have any issues with their new hairstyle, and how they educate their customer on how to care for their new hairdo. I was taught how to blow dry and style my hair to maintain my curls, which was a first experience for me.

Price Range: $45 for my hair cut, and $299 for the perm

Results:  I got rid of my dry ends and coloured portion so now, I'm down to my shoulder with an almost virgin hair once again! Yup, I grew out all my coloured portion! And I had a gentle perm towards the ends to mimic my usual waviness but in an more organised/styled manner.


I am very pleased with the results, in fact, I'm totally comfortable with the results and have no issues adjusting to my new look despite the fact that this is the first time getting perms! I love how they are very through with their consultation, even taking the step to draw the concept out. 

The only negative feedback I have is with one of their hair designer that I find her hair washing skills and hair care mannerism a little off-putting. She did my hair wash towards the end and the issues I had with her was firstly she started washing my hair immediately with slightly hot water without testing the temperature (only to realise later that it was quite hot and asked me how I feel about the temperature before lowering it) and she had her fingernails scratching my scalp as she washed... which to me is a novice mistake. The other portion that caught my attention was when she was serving another customer, she used a hair brush to comb out the customer's wet hair and the customer was horrified at the way she was combing out. I feel the customer's horror because I thought that we shouldn't comb hair like that when it's wet because it will break... which was the customer's concern but that hair designer denied it, saying that it's alright until Jeremy voiced out to use a wide tooth comb to comb the hair out instead. But if you ask me, it made no difference because I saw her yanking the customer's hair out with that comb...

That being said, this is the first encounter I have with a hair salon that takes their aftercare services seriously, to the point of letting the customers have a hand at styling their own new hairdo at the end to allow them to know how to care for it on their own. They were very precise in their instructions too, and here's my aftercare notes:

Aftercare How To Style Guide:
  1. Apply sculpting lotion to wet hair
  2. Blow dry hair as per normal until it's 80% dry (Heat: hot, full blast)
  3. Split hair to 2 sections, more if I want more curls
  4. Loosely twist hair (twice or once) outwards and cup it with hand while directing the blowdryer down into them (Heat: medium, full/ medium blast)
  5. Run fingers through once done to loosen up the curls for a more natural finish

So based on my overall experience, I definitely highly recommend having Jeremy as your hair designer if you are looking for a new hairdo and Picasso as the salon for natural looking perms!

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