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Interview With: Dawn from Chere & Dillon

A few moons ago, I attended Singapore Fashion Runway 2015 and chanced upon a very interesting Eco-fashion label for men and women that specializes in designer wear that uses organic and eco-friendly fabric of quality and comfort. I knew that I had to collaborate with this label, and it is none other that, Chere & Dillon.

So I arranged a short interview with label owner, Dawn to learn more about her lifestyle and the label.

Hi Dawn, thank you very much for accepting this interview for my blog! Please tell me a little about yourself and Chere & Dillon.

It's my pleasure to share. I am a mother of 3 lovely children, and I was working 15 years in the public sector, before I realised that there is always something amiss in my life; and that was that my entrepreneur heart has not found its place. Then in 2014, I met some amazing people who inspired me much to make my dream into reality. I decided to take a plunge and launch my fashion label in late 2014. Chere & Dillon was named, taking its roots from Chere which means beloved, and Dillon, which means being true. Just like the name, our brand aspires to create a bond with perfect depiction of timeless love between two individuals in a most genuine relationship in its organic form.

That's a really pretty name for the label! How does Chere & Dillon represent itself and differ from other brands?

Chere & Dillon differentiate with use of natural fabrics such as organic cotton which is free from harmful chemicals and Tencel made of 100% natural fibres from wood pulps, is bio-degradable and incredibly environmental friendly. 

Chere & Dillon is a brand that represent  love in the simplest & purest form, yet original. 

I love how wholesome and pure Chere & Dillon is being positioned. Is this a personal reflection of yourself as the woman behind the label? If so, may I know what is your motto in life and how does that translate to your style?

In a way, I believe that we should be authentic as individuals, being as real as possible and that is reflected in the quality of my product. I expect them to be at its most original form as much possible. 

Moreover, as a dreamer at heart, I love dreamy pastel colours and flying drapes in the styles. I like my clothes to be free & easy – simple , easy to wear and of an effortless style.

That's the impression I had when I saw your collection on the runway during Singapore Fashion Runway 2015. May I know what or who is your fashion inspiration then?

Nature is my inspiration. Anything in the nature that I connect it with an emotion, could be an inspiration.
Talking about nature, do you think people should consider eco-fashion and even make the switch to be more sustainable with their choice in outfits?

I don't expect that people would seek out eco-fashion in the first place or switch to eco-fashion completely. But I believe if the design stands out and if it's made with quality material, people would have a better inclination to buy if they know they are made of eco-friendly material.  

Oh yes, speaking about material... I am very amazed by how soft the fabric feels! I've never expect that 100% natural fibres derived from wood pulps could feel this soft! Dawn, thank you very much for spending your time with me for this interview. Before I end, I have one final question. What is the one most important message for my readers to know about Chere & Dillon?

Anyone can play a part no matter how small it may be, it all starts with you. A step at a time, we can choose to shop wisely with right choice of fashion. All it takes is a choice, that can make a difference, to become a little more caring and playing a part to build a better planet. Chere & Dillion is a fashion label that aspire to make a difference to the world with sustainability in mind.