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Movie To Watch: The Danish Girl

It's been so long since I last wrote about a movie, and I have to write about this film that I just saw:

I knew that I would love this film the moment after I saw the trailer, and I'm so glad that it didn't disappoint. It was a feast to my eyes with the landscapes, art, interior, fashion, makeup and hair. The 1920s was such a good era! 

Love the high collar~

But what blown me away the most was the performance of Eddie Redmayne, can a guy be any more beautiful and elegant as him! You really got to watch the movie to understand this; he portrayed the character so well that it really got me curious about the real Einar WegenerLili Elbe as a transgender pioneer.

So I spent my Christmas searching for the books and even Gerda Wegener's paintings, which are so cheeky and divine by the way! I love everything about her works!

To me, this film was more than just a man who realised his true identity and the internal struggles that he had in his mind and his relationship with his wife... it is about life, the struggles of living and the battle we overcome to make sense of what life means to us individually. For Lili, being a woman is her life's goal; for Gerda, I felt like it was her paintings and a tad bit of seeing her husband's wishes fulfilled. Overall, the film only showed  me a glimpse of the story behind Lili but it made me a whole lot more curious about their works as a painter and the life journey of the characters.

Let me know what's your thoughts if you have watched it!