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Esqido Lashes: Mink Lashes & Unisyn™ Lashes [Sponsored Review]

In this current age of beauty, do people still use false eyelashes for everyday or even on special occasion?

I would like to choose to believe the answer is yes, because I'm one of such person!
I have yet to resort to lash extension because I'm concern about them falling off in odd areas and I would have to go through the hassle of touching them up... and that's the least of the other concerns I have.

So, I rather resort to falsies that I can put on and take off as and whenever I like. That's why I was opened to collaborate and review Esqido lashes when they reached out to me. 

Unsure of which lashes to test out and the kind of fit for my eyes, from their wide range of selection, I was directed to their Lash Guide that notes down specific details of the shape of your eyes, the occasion you are wearing them for, your personal experience and your style preference!

I have a medium almond shaped eyes that are spaced proportionately, I don't wear lashes as often as I used to in the past and generally gravitate towards lashes that natural or sultry.

As an Asian, I would like to think that I'm blessed with longer-than-normal lashes but I lack volume and curl in them!

For my everyday makeup routine, I would give the lashes a good run through with my curler before coating them sparingly with my favourite waterproof mascara to last the day and beat the humidity of Singapore.

When it comes to faslse eyelashes, I'm looking for something that is light, natural-looking and most importantly~ the band must feel comfortable on my eyes for the whole day!

The end results suggested 2 types from 2 collections and they are as follow:


ESQIDO Mink lashes so popular was because they used the same concept from lash extension, individually attached strands, onto a soft cotton band.

Making them lightweight, comfortable, and super easy to apply with a tapered effect, just like a natural hair should because they are always shaped by hand, never cut.


With the same proprietary handcrafting process, combined with an ultra-fine vegan-friendly synthetic fibre, ESQIDO Unisyn lashes very easy to apply, super natural looking, and ultra comfortable. 

Heart & Soul Unisyn™ Lashes

These lashes exude elegance by giving a subtle volume and length with a clustered design for an angelic, wearable look.

Handcrafted with a harmonic blend of ultra-fine fibres, joined together by a remarkably soft and flexible cotton band. It is light-weight, beautiful, and natural looking.
Length9 - 12 mm
MaterialUltra-fine Synthetic Fibres
BandHandcrafted cotton band
Wear PeriodMulti-use
Cost: US$22

Product Review: It adds a soft whimsical feel to the overall finish, and I like how the lashes are undeniably weightless enough for everyday wear. The band is thin and with sufficient skills in application, you can get away with any need to line your eyes with these lashes!

If you are new to false lashes, these are great to kick off with. A tip would be to make sure to trim the length to fit the shape and length of your eyes before application for that perfect fit.

Starlet Mink Lashes

Achieve a glamorous starlet makeup look with this pair of clustered and wispy mink lashes. Short yet voluminous, suitable even for smaller eyes, this lash is designed to provide enough volume at a shorter length to accentuate your eyes without looking too long. The ends are also winged out to give a beautiful lifted effect to your eyes.

The ultimate in luxury, our mink lashes meticulously handcrafted with premium mink hairs, and a soft cotton band. 
Length4 - 10 mm
MaterialPremium Mink Hair
BandHandcrafted cotton band
Wear PeriodMulti-use
Cost: US$29

Product Review: I love how it looks when I'm looking ahead as I'm a fan of lashes that are longer towards the ends. I find that it helps to elongate the eyes and lift them up. However, I don't like how the lashes look when I close my eyes or look downwards. I think the density of the fibres look a little too fake and as a result, it does cheapen the look. That being said, as dense as the lashes are, it is relatively light in weight and I found the bands to be really thin and flat.

A tip I would suggest for these lashes to work is to pair them with a smokey eye so that it helps to elevate the look of the lashes!

Would you try these out?
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